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Home-Improvement Wood blinds are very attractive and they provide beauty to a home. They are sold in home improvement stores and .e in different woods and colors. There are many benefits of using such blinds. There are plenty of wood species that could be made into blinds. Mahogany, oak, pecan, bass wood, pine, walnut, maple and chestnut are some of them. When these blinds are made, the specie from which they are made of turns to another color, flair and quality. Grain patterns are diverse and they suck in the stain colors in different degrees. Every slat will emit its original characteristics thus no two blinds would be the same. This makes each blind unique. These blinds made of woods are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned every three to six months and without difficulty. They are designed to resist dirt thus they can hide dust because of their dark colors. They have a good clear wood sealer-finish thus their pores do not trap in dust and dirt as opposed to faux wooden blinds. All it takes to clean such blinds is a sponge, water and a cleaning solution. Wooden blinds can last for years. But even if this is true, it should not be installed in an area that is highly humid such as kitchens and bathrooms. They take in moisture from air thus they would bend, twist and warp and get ruined. The quality of wood blinds is high and because they are made of wood, they can last long. Many wooden furniture became antique because they survived for decades or even centuries. Although wooden blinds would not last a century, the slats would. They are stronger than faux wooden blinds as they are made from a natural product. Another advantage of wooden blinds is they block out light. These will absorb the heat from sunlight and reflect the ultraviolet rays and heat of the sun. Such blinds resist heat flow inside or outside of the house but this would depend on the manufacturer as every .pany differs in the production stage. Silhouetting or backlighting is not allowed by wooden blinds as they keep the light inside the house thus people outside would not see what goes inside once the sun sets. This then gives the kind of visual privacy that homeowners require. The appearance of wooden blinds can be easily altered so as to .plement a room’s new dcor. The slats can be painted or re-stained to change its looks. It would therefore be unnecessary to buy new blinds when the room is decorated each time. For those who want to provide a natural look in their homes, they can utilize wooden blinds. They are more beautiful than the traditional curtains, shutters and plastic Ve.ia blinds. They are very beautiful both inside and outside of a window. Another good thing about these blinds is that they can serve as insulators because they can trap in heat which is ideal during winter and cold which is perfect during summer. These are the benefits of using wood blinds in the house. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: