Betrayed by unique sound! Daniel Chan will sing masked farewell winflash

Betrayed by unique sound! Daniel Chan will sing "farewell" masked "Fox" and "Fox" Daniel Chan Daniel Chan Daniel Chan unveiled Sina entertainment news on Sunday, Jiangsu TV will sing "masked guess" in which the second phase of the program in the program, two fill singers on stage, including "don’t speak to strangers Fox" Daniel Chan [micro-blog] is its unique voice "sell", exposing the surface current regret will sing farewell stage in the program, Daniel Chan singing "love you" and "you make me drunk" show Daniel Chan impressive singing ability, won numerous audience favorite. "Masked sing guess" in the first quarter on the basis of the tournament and team conducted a comprehensive revision upgrades, the upgraded program can see more interesting and. The famous singer Daniel Chan as guests to participate in the recording of the second phase of the program, in the chorus link and he pointed ears Afanda sister "singing" love you "two female chorus is classic, quiz links, guess jury members also tried to exhaust all the skills [micro-blog] and Deng Chao Hu Ge, [micro-blog] have become guess jury candidate, show Daniel Chan performing Cantonese and French tongue twisters attracted a field full of interest. Daniel Chan entered the final solo link. "When you get me drunk" finished guess jury gives the final answer: he is Hongkong famous singer Daniel Chan. The unique style of singing, "the mark voice betrayed him, Daniel Chan took the fox mask, still handsome appearance led the female audience screaming again and again. Daniel Chan said: the first week at home to practice a little bit of hope that you can speak a little non-standard Cantonese, but still did not escape everyone’s ears. Although regret farewell to sing on stage, but Daniel Chan and lively personality, good vocals have impressed the audience, causing the users search upsurge after the broadcast, don’t speak to strangers father fox boarded micro-blog hot search list. Debut 20 years, sang many classic masterpiece, Daniel Chan is also an expert in the field of film and television, whether it is or is Ning Yong Yuwen classic in the eyes of the audience, but also in the recent Daniel Chan hot shot play, looking forward to bring us more outstanding works of Daniel Chan. (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: