Big Feng Wenjuan played army industry fixing Nanchang Uprising – Sohu Yuanhua Peng female Entertainm roxane hayward

"Big" Feng Wenjuan played army industry fixing Nanchang Uprising – Sohu Yuanhua Peng female entertainment Mekong female Feng Wenjuan Sohu entertainment news recently, Feng Wenjuan completed the "army" of the shooting industry has this month up. "Army" big industry "Founding Trilogy" series of the third, a tribute to the 90 anniversary of the establishment, the film as producer and artistic director Sanping Han by producer Huang Jianxin, directed by Andrew Lau, Liu Ye, Zhu Yawen, Ou Hao, starring Liu Haoran. At present, only know that Feng Wenjuan played the role of the Nanchang uprising soldier Peng Yuanhua. But Bing Bing, who played in the Mekong River, could see that Feng Wenjuan was a good fit for the tip of the horn of Peng Yuanhua. If the theory is still police are now female role. It is reported that Peng Wen, formerly known as Peng Yuanhua (1905-1994), Hunan, Yueyang. 1926 to participate in the Communist Party of China, approved by the organization in 1927 was admitted to the central military and political school Wuhan campus girls team, then to Nanchang to participate in the August 1 uprising. After the uprising by the organization, engaged in the underground struggle of the party, the United Front, labor movement, during the Anti Japanese War served as party secretary of the CPC Yueyang center, 1944 to Jiefang District to work, until the liberation of the country. After the founding of new Chinese, Peng Wen Beijing served as the school’s first president, deputy director of the State Ministry of education, Shanghai Education Institute Vice President and other staff. Died in 1994. "The big story" army industry focused on 1927, the failure of the first revolutionary civil war, the Communist Party of Chinese to save the revolution, in August 1st of that year in Jiangxi was held in Nanchang known as the "Nanchang uprising" patriotic revolutionary action. Sanping Han said, "the big industry" is making army major historical events, but the prospect is a hot blooded youth inspirational film, a group of young people in order to change the country, nation and individual destiny and strive blood. At present, "army" big industry has entered the official shooting stage, the actor also went into the group, the film will be released in 2017, the 90 anniversary of the establishment of a gift相关的主题文章: