Biography Baidu takeaway start layoffs

Bianews news recently reported that Baidu takeaway has started layoffs, urban managers in some areas almost half cut, the proportion of layoffs in the channel of about 40%, Beijing’s market sector layoffs of 30%.

Baidu takeaway insiders revealed to the media, the channels of layoffs at the end of last year began to implement, in addition, in addition to Beijing city to direct all dealer operations, Baidu takeaway product director Liu Can has fled to the United States Mission review.

it is understood that after the Baidu takeaway to take the way of self is the North Canton city. Baidu takeaway official introduction has covered more than 200 cities.

agent’s application process, Baidu takeaway will carry out company qualification, local resources, team planning, local competition, operational planning and other aspects of the assessment. Baidu takeaway for agents to provide brands, products and other resources.

but Baidu takeaway message has been denied layoffs.

in addition to the news that Baidu Nuomi massive layoffs at the end of last year, only a few straight city, the rest of the city’s employees have been cut off. Baidu Nuomi said that there is a normal staff optimization and reconstruction, no layoffs, part of the city into a direct agency model, is a normal adjustment.

Baidu takeaway and Baidu Nuomi two businesses have been rumors constantly.

at the beginning of last August, there are rumors that Baidu and Baidu Nuomi will take away with the U.S. Group reviews merger, when Baidu denied. Subsequently, there are rumors that the Baidu takeaway and glutinous rice into the U.S. group, the United States will take over its team, Baidu control part of the equity.

Baidu takeaway CEO Gong Zhenbing issued an internal e-mail, denied the sale, merger rumors, said it would adhere to independent operators.

Baidu takeaway has covered more than 200 cities, attracting more than 500000 high-quality food merchants settled.

at the beginning of January this year, Baidu Nuomi employees broke the news that Baidu Nuomi is downsizing and independent.

from the Robin Li internal speech can be seen, Baidu will make snap combing the business this year:

"to eliminate the market without competitive products. If you can’t do it, don’t mix up there. The withdrawal of the withdrawal, the clearance on the clearance, and the. Resources to focus on our strategic and strategic projects."

Robin Li Carter, Baidu on the abolition of the medical department. Baidu takeaway and Baidu Nuomi two support business, there is an adjustment is inevitable, do not rule out the merger to sell this road.