Biography Samsung will be launched in March 29th Galaxy S8 or cancel the capacitive button

Samsung may be launched as early as March 29th Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge.

these two new flagship screen size may be larger than 5.7 inches Galaxy Note. S8 may be equipped with 5.8 inches screen, while the S8 Edge will be equipped with a 6.2 inch screen. Screen will account for nearly 85% of the area of the fuselage, while the fuselage almost no borders.

in addition, these two new phones may be removed under the screen under the traditional capacitive button, which will bring more space to the screen. This will be the development trend of smart phones in 2017. Previously, millet Mix has done so.

due to Galaxy Note 7 fire accident, Samsung’s new flagship machine is becoming the focus of attention. Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s first mobile phone users to restore confidence, Samsung also hopes this phone can attract first-time users.

previously Note 7 recall to Samsung caused a loss of $5 billion, while the launch of S8 will help Samsung offset its impact.

is one of the focus of the outside world, S8 can solve the problem of fire Note 7. Samsung said, S8 will use an improved 8 point battery testing process, and more space inside the battery.

if Samsung launched S8 in New York in March 29th Unpacked activities, then according to another rumor, this phone will be on sale in April 14th or in April 18th.

At the end of March,

launched the Galaxy S mobile phone and Samsung Samsung had past practice, usually in Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) on the launch of this new product, while MWC is held from February 27th to March 2nd. Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy S8 will not be released on MWC.

Samsung declined to comment on the news