Birthday hire fill Zhang Tianai’s real popularity was exposed… webquest

Birthday hire fill? Zhang Tianai’s real popularity was exposed… Now a popular niche, flow actress who’s birthday is the birthday will be emerge in an endless stream, a way of the most basic, the idols sing, say a few words of warm words back fans, many sisters can also close to idols, and then count the cooperation of various brands, a birthday party to the satisfaction of all. Recently, Zhang Tian’ai coincides with the birthday, as a line of popular actress she also held a birthday party. To say that this birthday party will be prepared to be very careful, she was early notice will be in the field of hot dance, but also released a small video exercise. The organizers do propaganda is also in place, Party propaganda advertising a lot of places, ticket delivery activities done is awesome. Wait until the birthday that day, Zhang Tian’ai singing and dancing at the scene brokerage company sun out of the picture is also popular with people did not expect is that the fans will look at the birthday was a lot of friends broke the news of "big water"… There is… She got a birthday friends broke the tickets, was seated in the 20 row, but was told to the scene to the fourth row, this treatment as to the first-class cabin from economy upgrade! After the concert many sisters all know, now online traffic star’s concert, will meet are hard to get a vote, don’t adjust the seat, to grab votes in the hands of cattle are thankful. The users can easily transfer to the front seat, will not because the scene is not filled? Then there are friends drying out of the site, said the most critical part of the cake cut in the birthday party, the scene of the people are almost out of the. This site seems to have deserted, more friends broke the news that Zhang Tianai’s birthday and not many fans on the spot, the hire charge scene, also forced the company to attend the cooperation! This is a little embarrassing… This fan of Zhang Tianai explained, said the birthday scene bursting with popularity really, unfortunately has been close to 10 o’clock in the evening the cake is cut, a lot of people are afraid of missing the late bus, so go ahead. Uh… To… Sister to see the concert experience, this time is all boiling, shouted at the top of his voice the encore, a rare opportunity to see my idol, how will the mass leave early? In many people’s minds, "Zhang Tian’ai since Princess promotion" fame, rushed among the ranks of the popular actress. Relying on the "Princess" image, she also became the "offensive" and "national husband" on behalf of many fans, sister is also a lot of daily forwarding, comments are tens of thousands of micro-blog. This data and other Popular Artistes, also do not fall ahull video resources also look good, cooperation is the director and professional team of fashion resources is not only a lot of guards, the harvest magazine covers, among the actress Street leaders and successfully joined an international cosmetics brand spokesperson ranks, and the other with the spokesperson brand are Gong Li, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing level. The most remarkable is that some time ago, Zhang Tianai seemed to be seen after Zhao Liying bar on the original, Zhao Liying to shoot advertising, but eventually photographed by Zhang Tianai. The exposure, the resources are soaring up, even more than the flow of Zhang Tian’ai fierce niche popularity, but also does not need to hire.相关的主题文章: