Black brick kiln slave reflects the regulation is not as freelander2

Black brick kiln slave reflects the regulation as the original title: black brick kiln slave reflects the regulation as author: Shen Feng recently, missing two white Wanjia finally returned to Yunnan city Mojiang County town of Mao village class Lianzhu home. The police found him, he in some intellectual disability home for nearly 500 kilometers outside of Yunnan Xuanwei City of Qujing Yang Chang Zhen Heng Sheng brick factory were forced to work. And the white man was rescued by the police, there are 5 other mentally retarded personnel. After investigation, the person in charge of the Heng Sheng brickyard 6 retarded personnel to take beatings, detention and restriction of personal freedom means, forced to make bricks, shovel ash and heavy labor of mentally retarded persons, without paying any remuneration. (September 18th surging News) in recent years, around the black brick kiln slave case are frequent, retarded the fate of being enslaved, has also become a civilized society in the side. The rule of law has repeatedly appeared in the case of slavery, the whole society needs a high degree of warning and reflection. Analysis of the slave case, every enslaved worker or "black kiln slave", all the victim of "underground economy", but also a direct result of public duty. In other words, no matter what is the cause of the event of slave labor, are inseparable from the lack of supervision. Objectively speaking, there is a great relationship organization performance effect and people’s life. In particular, the judiciary, but also to safeguard the dignity of law and civil rights pioneer. Just imagine, if the labor supervision departments regularly check the remote brick labor regulations implementation, if the police station of public security check often kiln, we might be able to earlier found that black brick kiln slave labor law issues, timely rescue the enslaved people with mental retardation and other workers. Obviously, the ineffective supervision of the functional departments, will inevitably lead to a series of anomie. The slave labor phenomenon is only a masterpiece. The prevalence of inadequate supervision of public power reflects the poverty of public rights. Just imagine, those trapped in Yunnan Xuanwei and black slaves with a long time, due to lack of assistance to suffer unimaginable suffering. In fact, the regulatory authorities of the earlier found that the exhaustion of all forces to rescue the victims, to see the way to protect the rights and justice. If regulators are willing to wait in the office or in the report, decision making, rights and justice have been seriously damaged by the case to provide relief rights, it provides only a late justice. We must recognize that "black brick kiln" reflects some loopholes in labor supervision system, business registration and inspection of public security. Since the citizen entrusted with the management of the way, to the public sector to serve the power of citizens, and accept the supervision of the community and the public. So, the public sector will not be allowed to guarantee justice is slow and slack. Right slow, slack, means that the public power deviates from the spirit of public service to the public. Then, the responsible person must be subject to public inquiry, accountability and criticism, the situation is serious, should also be subject to legal responsibility. Editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章: