Blacksmith craft away from Nanxun but still adhere to this 9c8921

Blacksmith craft away, the Nanxun people still stuck to the blacksmith, the door began in the Warring States period of the craft, has gone through more than 2 thousand long years. Now even in rural areas, passing of night, the sound of iron also gradually dissipated, become a fading memory…… Adhere to the craft thirty contained "when, when, when……" At 5 every morning, Huzhou District of Nanxun and Corfu town re trillion town of a small room, there was a time when the corrosion of metal beat. Open the half ajar door, a middle-aged man with dark gloves, right hand holding a hammer, banging on the left on a iron pincers. After a while, he skillfully picked up the iron and put it in the fire for a while. Let the charcoal iron more red, with repeated hammering, instant sparks. The light is the blacksmith’s cheek clear red, with sweat dripping tap. Iron slowly after molding, immediately dipped into the water quenching, "thorn" sound, smoke a smoke. The blacksmith named Xia Jigui, from the age of 15 as an apprentice blacksmith his career has lasted 30 years. Play an instrument, the summer Jigui did not immediately break, but the stacked on the feet of reinforced cut several off into the fire. Red, is a violent knocking. Now, he is playing some farming tools. Almost every day people come to find him making shovels, knives, iron rake iron etc.. Although different equipment required for it, but just in front of a few gestures, he will be able to know what customers need. We will customize the autumn harvest is the busiest season stithy. By this time, he had to get his wife to put his hands on him. "A man is too busy to come." Xia Jigui said, Jiaxing to 200 customers a sickle head, must be a day to complete the work. A tinkling sound tells the story to usher in a guest. Most of the blacksmith shop in the elderly, often with a clear demand. "A lot of the time, ready-made iron can not meet their needs, so I will help to transform the needs of customers, there are a lot of people come here specifically to customize." Xia Jigui said, in 70s and 80s, is a popular blacksmith craft. At that time, he is the most famous people in the village, he is also the most popular places in the village home. Which tools are bad, need to repair or re blacksmith forges a new. "During a certain period of time before the house is full of people to buy a dozen tools." Now, busy time less, the original re trillion town blacksmith for business. The summer Jigui became heavy trillion area only stick still blacksmith. "Now a lot of things are machine made, many people no longer use the traditional agricultural tools. However, the processing of some small tools can only rely on manual completion." Xia Jigui said that this is the reason and value of their own stick. Rough and dark skin, full of very hot mark arms, hands full of calluses, have recorded the summer Jigui blacksmith career hardships. Love and dealing with outsiders in iron, iron is hard toil. In fact, this is a doorway to live. Xia Jigui said, to create a tool to the choice of materials, fire, hammering, forming and quenching processes more than 10, every process can not tolerate the slightest careless, otherwise it will come to naught. Iron burning"相关的主题文章: