Brett soon found himself involved in a number of successful businesses ranging from hospitality to maintenance and tree lopping services to the supply of products for home improvements. However 张若昀与粉丝飙戏 方力申澄清复合

Software Many people often ask about how the Noah Group became so named. Founder and director of the Noah Group, Brett Marks had a vision to help people achieve a new beginning just as Noah of biblical fame had done. The new beginning, in a commercial sense is about helping people to plan for and secure their financial future through strategic property ownership and innovative financial products. Brett Marks wanted to build the Noah group to become a diversified property and financial services group that could help ordinary Australians achieve their financial goals just as he had built on his own dreams through vision, commitment and a passionate belief that anyone can achieve success with focus. Brett Marks commenced his entrepreneurial journey after spending many hard years working in the construction and mining industry as a crane and excavator operator and then rigging at dizzying heights shackled to cranes on multi-storey skyscrapers. Brett found himself struggling to balance his commitment to his family to provide for them with their concerns for his safety so he began to look for other ways to build his future. Always a hard worker with an enterprising mind, Brett soon found himself involved in a number of successful businesses ranging from hospitality to maintenance and tree lopping services to the supply of products for home improvements. However, throughout his journey Brett Marks kept noticing that the people who seemed to be the most financially stable were those who had invested in property. The Noah Group was then merely a glimmer in his imagination. Brett Marks became more interested in property, investing and financial services and aligned himself with a number of successful businesses in these fields whom he knew could help him to achieve his goals and his vision to help ordinary Australians like himself to build their own wealth. Thus, the Noah Group grew into a company built to inspire and encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and take control of their financial futures. Brett Marks believes with a passion that investing in property is one of the very best ways to improve your financial situation but it doesnt have to be complicated. Brett published a booklet in 2005 titled the Simplicity of Investing in which he conveyed in a humorous and down-to-earth fashion some simple principles to assist people in finding the motivation to change their circumstances through investing. Many clients of the Noah Group found Bretts simple approach both easy to understand and inspirational. The Noah Group have now helped over 1000 clients to take action and begin securing their financial future through property investment. Brett Marks is passionate about service to clients and encourages all staff of the Noah Group to embody the principles that the company has been built upon. The Noah Group has thus grown from a small handful of staff to a professional team of associates and channel partners that number more than two hundred people as they go about sharing their knowledge of wealth creation with clients. The Noah Group team of professionals are passionately committed to building through property investment and are eager to share this knowledge with as many clients as possible. High standards of service are an everyday habit for staff of the Noah Group which has been confirmed by several awards from Achievers of Australia which the Noah Group has received for the past five consecutive years. In 2006 the Noah Group was also a winner in the Consumer Protection Awards. As the award was accepted, Fair Trading Minister, Margaret Keech MP, commented that there needs to be more businesses out there like the Noah Group. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: