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Security Business security takes a whole new meaning if you run a store or any other venture that involves dealing face to face with customers. You will need more than honest employees and solid doors and locks to keep your investments safe. You will need a good CCTV security system. The truth is that nowadays you can hardly find a commercial area unguarded by the cybernetic watchdog named Closed-Circuit Television (pet name CCTV). However, before you rush things out and buy the most expensive security and spy equipment on the market you should know some basic information about surveillance technology. At first, you will be overwhelmed by the technical terms used in the surveillance industry. However, if you do a bit of reading all the DVRs, Wireless Dual IR Cameras, OS DIY Camera Security Systems or even Linux 8 Channel DVR OTCAP 200FPS 1TB Hard Drive Systems will make sense in no time. The first thing that you must figure out before installing a surveillance system at your business place is how many cameras, video monitors and recording devices you really need in order to create a safe business environment. Next, you have to decide who or what is your security target. Would you monitor people or just cars? The decision you make is directly linked with the picture quality of the CCTV cameras. If you monitor people you ought to buy cameras with a high recording frame rate, otherwise you will capture only jerky images that will save you tapes and hard drive space, but would be useless in identifying criminals. In addition, you must decide who will be the man in charge of watching the cameras. In the past, spy and surveillance equipment used to be quite expensive. Now the production process is cheaper and thanks to motion sensors and footage analysis software like VIRAT or HumanID the footage is automatically processed and inserted into searchable databases. Therefore, there is almost no need to hire permanent human personnel to monitor the cameras. However, if you decide to buy hidden cameras you should be aware that the installation and monitoring cost could be higher than for standard cameras. Finally, you should keep in mind some legal aspects of CCTV surveillance. The cameras you install must only record silent images. If you want to record audio too, you must have the permission of the authorities. Furthermore, your clients must be informed that your business is monitored by a CCTV system through appropriate signs. Now, you know that business security equals CCTV security. You also have the basic information to start your own research into the spy and surveillance equipment. A good place to start your inquiries is Vellard website (.vellard…au). There youll find all kinds of useful tools to safeguard your home and business. And at a fair price too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: