Can a child cough cause pneumonia


in the process of children’s growth, cough should be one of the most common problems in children’s hospital door, emergency, more than 60% of the children are due to cough. In fact, cough is just a symptom. It is not a disease. Most of the diseases that cause cough are self limiting diseases.

therefore, as long as there is no serious impact on life and sleep, mothers do not have to worry too much. Understanding of children’s cough related knowledge and coping methods, parents can help alleviate some anxiety.

why do children cough easily?

infant immune system is not perfect, it is more prone to upper respiratory tract infection, respiratory inflammation, as well as the corresponding increase in secretions, may stimulate the child cough. Cough is to discharge the secretion of respiratory tract or foreign body, clear the airway secretions, also ensure that the airway clean. In other words, coughing is a way to protect your child’s respiratory tract.

cough only benefits no harm? Is not so absolute. If the cough is too frequent, especially in the night cough, it may affect the child’s sleep and rest, also affect the child’s health. At the same time, cough may also be a signal of some diseases, parents should pay close attention to other children, be vigilant.


what causes cough?

is the most common cause of respiratory tract inflammation, such as viruses, bacteria or other pathogens of respiratory tract infection, cause children cough, such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, followed by allergy and asthma will cause cough. There is a child when the outside world will appear when some irritation cough, such as second-hand smoke, haze, foreign body inhalation, etc.. Cough is a reflex of respiratory irritation, we have a clear understanding of the causes of cough, but also for targeted treatment.


children cough cough pneumonia?

often hear older people say: children cough to hurry to the hospital, careful cough pneumonia, some TV ads also said. So does coughing really cause pneumonia?

the answer is no.. Cough itself is not a disease, but a symptom, we should pay attention to what is the cause of the child cough. Pneumonia is caused by a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses or bacteria caused by lung infection is the most common, but the cause of pneumonia and no cough.


does not cause child pneumonia cough, but pneumonia is respiratory infections, can cause cough, cough may occur early, so that parents mistakenly think that because children cough into pneumonia.