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Can not copy the "Zhejiang newspaper model" – Sohu of science and technology in September 29th, the Chinese media star dazzle Zhejiang newspaper media ushered in the five anniversary of the anniversary of the listing, according to the Convention, Zhejiang newspaper media in Hangzhou hosted a lecture entitled "leading industry, to create the future" new media summit, from Zhejiang newspaper the media department, the relevant business departments, peers in the media, on behalf of a strategic partner of a gathering of many people, to celebrate the five anniversary of the listing of Zhejiang newspaper media. A, Zhejiang newspaper media how to lead the industry, and how to create the future of new media summit theme to attract the Columbia road there are two places, gathered into a central topic, at this moment, the media fusion banner flying for a long time, the depth of the Internet revolution has entered the final stage of the end of time, as the development of media convergence. A typical case on behalf of the rare, Zhejiang newspaper media at the summit revealed two core points worthy of industry attention. On the one hand, to lead the industry, after five years of experience in the capital market, Zhejiang newspaper media from the capital market point of view, or from the perspective of media convergence on the transformation of traditional media practice, in the market capitalization management, integration of media convergence in business, several levels are at the forefront of the industry, and the original step by step. Capital leverage, different new innovative full mode. In the new media summit, Renmin University of China professor Song Jianwu as the representatives of the school sector, summarizing the successful experience of Zhejiang newspaper media in the fusion of the exploration of the road, the summary level, and integrity has been completely can be identified as the "Zhejiang newspaper media integration development mode", really lead the industry "Zhejiang newspaper model" in today is there a stage of definition. Second, create a better future, when the innovation of traditional media is still the focus of media products and media services, focusing on the WeChat public number of fans, when talking about how much money, whether it should be time to build an independent R & D cooperation or news client, media integration will simply understood as the 1 stage of the integration of media products the. With the help of "media + capital" double lever achieve deeper media convergence of Zhejiang newspaper media, will have the next stage of media integration, product integration from the media up to the media industry, and then upgrade to the Internet based platform for Industry (big data platform). Zhejiang big data exchange center in Zhejiang on 26 Wuzhen start, marking the progress of Zhejiang newspaper media integration development level, the real thinking of media industry to the industrial ecological perspective, continuous improvement for the development of Internet industry, news media, media industry, knowledge level, and timely with the corresponding resources tactical execution. Yesterday, the media reported that Zhejiang has gone through five years of capital market development, the achievements of comprehensive media fusion, with the help of "media + capital" two lever, adhering to the "media capital, development of the concept of capital and media, innovation does not rigidly adhere to a media product, from a more global macro level strategic layout of the media the transformation and upgrading, explore the achievements of today’s Zhejiang newspaper" mode". The five anniversary of the city as a starting point, Zhejiang newspaper media officially opened the 3 model, the real sense of the internet hub platform model of the 3相关的主题文章: