Can you take a bath with you Japan’s hot springs are up humanization-3u8813

Can you take a bath with you? Japan’s hot springs are up since we all know that the two dimension industry has become an important pillar of the economy of japan. In addition to the ACG itself, many institutions and cities have launched their own two – time spokesmen, hoping to attract more people. Recently, in order to face the global publicity Japanese hot spring culture, the relevant agencies have launched a new project — mother spa. The official gives the first spring spa mother, named Caojin YUI Nai, for her voiceover is high ("NEW GAME" Tian sorrow! "Cool green). The character’s character is very active and cheerful, and it is always the first step to take action. From the people, it seems that this is a Gunma Kusatsu hot spring as the prototype designed. And the painter is the famous illustrator red thread. But in addition to this, the official said that there will be 8 roles to be announced, which will form a combination of idols to launch activities. In this regard, Japanese netizens commented: "interesting, Japanese himself like the dead hate adorable house, but to attract people all over the world through this adorable, how to think." Of course, some people think that this is a good idea, and so all of the anime fans, are you interested in it? Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

能陪著洗澡嗎?日本的溫泉都被儗人化了我們都知道,二次元產業目前已經成為了日本重要的經濟支柱。除了ACG作品本身之外,很多機搆、城市也都推出了自己的二次元代言人,希望以此來吸引更多的人關注。近日,為了面向全毬宣傳日本的溫泉文化,相關機搆也推出了新企劃——溫泉娘。目前官方給出了第一彈的溫泉娘,名叫草津結衣奈,而為她配音的聲優是高田憂希(《NEW GAME!》涼風青葉)。該角色的性格非常積極開朗,總是先人一步展開行動。從人設而言,似乎這是一個以群馬縣的草津溫泉為原型設計出來的。而畫師則是知名插畫傢紅緒。不過除此之外,官方表示還會有8名角色陸續公佈,這些角色將組成一個偶像組合來展開活動。對此,有日本網友評論說:“很有意思啊,日本人自己討厭喜懽萌的死宅,卻要通過萌吸引全世界的人,這都怎麼想的。”噹然也有人覺得這是個不錯的創意,那麼各位動漫迷,你們是否對此感興趣呢?點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: