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The "Challenge 2" mind reader investigation on the invisible TFBOYS challenge centrifuge – Sohu entertainment   TFBOYS challenge centrifuge Sohu large inspirational entertainment news challenge program "challenges the impossible" second season every Sunday at eight pm in the CCTV integrated channel hit. The first phase of the program, from the "grassroots" and no protection diving world record fighting nation guy Alex left a deep impression on the audience. This Sunday, the program will be more wonderful, in addition to "challenge the centrifuge", "mind reading", "bicycle crossing", "top dog Cup" and other exciting projects, recently, the reporter learned from relevant channels, TFBOYS "three" will also participate in the "centrifuge" challenge challenge limit when ordinary people. Sa Beining TFBOYS "three similar manned centrifuge only" hard to challenge this season "challenge limit ordinary people could not" complete and China manned space engineering office for the first time cooperation. Program, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Chinese astronaut brigade captain Nie Haisheng came to the scene, and brought a set of measuring vestibular function test equipment. In the face of the test, and Lee Hom volunteered to xiaosa. Prior to departure, xiaosa also did not forget to laugh at Qing Dong, "I heard you what sit dizzy? Walk dizzy?" After a brief test, Sa Beining and TFBOYS came to China Manned Space centrifuge training center, and by the Shenzhou ten flight crew to follow the guidance of astronaut Zhang Xiaoguang. The game will be carried out in a rotating arm and a flight simulator cockpit is eight meters long, Asia’s largest centrifuge, high-speed rotating device can be increased, the simulated spaceship return under gravity conditions. It is understood that the manned centrifuge is designed to carry out the "load" training, with the increase in centrifuge speed, people will gradually feel unwell in the centrifuge. Ordinary people in the normal state under the weight of 1 g, a large roller coaster in the playground will not exceed 3G. TFBOYS face space pilot Zhang Xiaoguang to challenge the project, agreed by the challenges bravely. It is worth mentioning that, in the "three small" challenge is completed, Zhang Xiaoguang directly beckoned to challenges in 8g gravity adhere to 30 seconds and ensure the conscious. Zhang Xiaoguang in the face of the challenges will be what kind of difficulties? Challenge is successful? This episode of TFBOYS’s stunning debut and Zhang Xiaoguang "impossible challenge" wait for you to see! Read the general truth won "mind reading" Li Changyu calmly staged the strongest spear and shield against this program ushered in an old friend of Qing Dong songming. See the torch came to power, Qing Dong had to admit and fight two or three times, all lost. No matter how to hide, Songming can always see their true inner thoughts from the conversation, make me unable to hide. Originally, the torch’s strength lies in view people in the subtle, check and invisible. He said that 65% of the language usually comes from the silent language, a casual expression and action will betray your heart. Songming motto is: don’t lie to me. In order to prove the Songming "mind reading.相关的主题文章: