Changchun police cracked campus loan fraud

  Changchun police cracked a large campus loan fraud cheated more than 150 College Students

Changchun days before police cracked a large campus loan fraud, the case involving 17 universities in Northeast China, Shandong, Chongqing and other 8 provinces, college students cheated up to more than 150 people, involving more than 1 million yuan.

it is understood that, in August 2016, Changchun police get clues in a special action: Changchun, a college student was used mobile phone fraud 1 yuan. In the same year on December, the police once again get clues: Jilin several universities to take place in order to shield the student’s personal loan information, loans do not repay for the series of fraud fraud case. After investigation, the police have been the main perpetrators Lee, behind the scenes refers to the messenger Zhang captured. After hearing that, Zhang met in August 2015 university graduates Lee, with the feature of the campus wide network, just graduated, the positive development of "line", through the form of the pyramid selling more than college students from those who cheated become fraud. Police tip: at present, all kinds of campus loan has been widely infiltrated into colleges and universities, college students should firmly establish awareness of prevention, do not personally identifiable information to others.