Changsha has sold out of high – speed rail tickets to Chongqing, Chengdu and other places before the-lm3886

Before the holiday, Changsha has gone to Chongqing, Chengdu and other places. Tickets for the high-speed rail have been sold out. Changsha evening news (reporter Wu Xinfan correspondent Mo Chunqiao) will welcome the National Day golden week in less than ten days. Do you want to go where you want to play? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the transportation department that during the golden week of the national day, the freeway will carry out the free pass policy to seven and below minibus. Tickets for high speed rail in Changsha before the holiday season are tight, and tickets for some tourist cities have been sold out. But the departure tickets for Changsha are relatively loose. Passengers who have not yet purchased tickets should buy tickets as early as possible, so as not to delay their trips. The high speed railway ticket in Changsha before the festival was tense for 7 days of National Day holiday this year, that is, from October 1st to 7th. According to the experience of the past years, the peak trip of the National Day golden week will appear in September 30th and October 1st. According to the regulation, from October 1st to October 7th 24, the expressway will carry out a free passage policy to seven or less minibus. During the free period, the time for vehicles to pass through the toll gate on the freeway is the right time. Toll free toll lane is released to the mini buses without issuing the cards, and the ETC lane is maintained by the current non parking mode, and the toll free toll for the minitype passenger car is zero. After the deadline for the exemption of the toll from the minibus, the charge will be restored according to the normal procedure. Railway, yesterday, the reporter learned from the railway official network 12306, from September 30th to the two day of October 1st, the high – speed rail ticket in Changsha was more tense. At present, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha to Hefei, Fuzhou, Nanning high-speed rail tickets have been sold out, the ticket to Guiyang, Changsha Nanjing, Nanchang, Xiamen high-speed rail tickets only 1 trains to Wuhan, Beijing, Changsha tickets for the remaining part of the trips ticket, only to Shanghai, Guangzhou Changsha ticket is abundant. Changsha during the national day during the relatively loose air ticket, Changsha during the National Day holiday is relatively loose. Reporters learned yesterday from Hunan branch of China Southern Airlines that most of the ticket prices in Changsha increased by 20%, and only some popular tourist routes rose by more than 30%. The last two days of the national day of the National Day Changsha fly all over the country airfares, suggested that passengers buy ahead of time. The staff of China Southern Airlines said that the citizens who had the travel plan could choose the non popular cities to travel. From now on, the flights of Changsha, Qingdao, Xi’an and other places are relatively loose, and there are still 40 percent off tickets available. In addition, in October 3rd, 4 days from Changsha starting as well as a large number of low-priced tickets on sale, such as Beijing, Hainan, Harbin Changsha fly discount basic in 60 percent off, peak travel can save costs. At present, on September 29th, 30, Changsha fly Chengdu, Beihai air ticket is more tense, only a small number of full price tickets. The air ticket in October 7th is tight. The discount is basically above 20 percent off. Changsha fly Guangzhou and Zhuhai are the full price. Changsha fly Shenzhen can only be sold first class, but only a few cities such as Changsha, Sanya, Haikou, Kunming, Lanzhou and so on, the discount is no more than 40 percent off. Please consult the customer service phone 95539 or log on the official website of china.

节前长沙前往重庆、成都等地高铁票已售罄   长沙晚报讯(记者 吴鑫矾 通讯员 莫春桥)不到十日就将迎来国庆黄金周,你想好去哪儿玩了吗?昨日,记者从交通部门获悉,国庆黄金周期间,高速公路将对七座及以下小型客车实施免费通行政策。长沙节前高铁票紧张,部分旅游城市的车票已售罄,但长沙出发的机票相对宽松,还未购票的旅客请尽早购票,以免耽误行程。   节前长沙出发高铁车票紧张   今年国庆放假7天,即10月1日至7日。根据往年经验,国庆黄金周出行高峰将出现在9月30日和10月1日。   高速公路方面,按照规定,从10月1日零时至10月7日24时,高速公路将对七座及以下小型客车实施免费通行政策。免费期间,高速公路以车辆通过收费站出口车道的时间为准;收费站免费车道对小型客车不发卡抬杆放行; ETC车道维持现行不停车方式通行,免费小型客车通行费收费额为零。免收小型客车通行费时间截止后,按正常程序恢复收费。   铁路方面,昨日,记者从铁路官网12306获悉,9月30日至10月1日两天,长沙出发的高铁车票比较紧张。目前,长沙前往重庆、成都、合肥、福州、南宁的高铁车票已售罄,长沙前往贵阳、南京、南昌、厦门的高铁车票仅剩1趟列车有票,长沙前往武汉、北京的车票仅剩部分车次有票,仅长沙前往上海、广州的车票比较充裕。   长沙国庆节期间机票相对宽松   航班方面,长沙国庆节期间机票相对宽松。记者昨日从南航湖南分公司了解到,长沙出发的大部分机票价格涨幅在20%左右,仅部分热门旅游线路涨幅超过30%。国庆节最后两天长沙飞往全国各地机票紧张,建议旅客提前购买。   南航工作人员介绍,有出游计划的市民可选择非热门城市出行,从目前来看,长沙飞青岛、西安等地的机票较宽松,目前还有6折机票可买。另外,10月3日、4日从长沙出发还有大量低价机票有售,如长沙飞北京、海南、哈尔滨等折扣基本在4折上下,错峰出行能节省不少费用。   目前来看,9月29日、30日,长沙飞成都、北海的机票较为紧张,仅剩少量全价票。10月7日的机票紧张,目前折扣基本在8折以上,长沙飞广州、珠海为全价,长沙飞深圳只有头等舱可售,仅长沙飞三亚、海口、昆明、兰州等少数城市折扣不高于6折。详请咨询客服电话95539或登录南航官网。相关的主题文章: