Changzhou men suffering from fetishism to steal a woman nearly 20 pieces of clothes jodie foster

Changzhou men suffering from "fetishism" to steal a woman nearly 20 pieces of clothes during a newspaper all media news from 2015 to 2016, Ms. Wang who lives in Ding Yan Street of Wujin District found that the clothes in the yard of Lady coat, suit, jacket, down jacket, often inexplicably lost, she also just started not too much when one thing. She didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem until she lost nearly 20 pieces of clothing. After the investigation found that Ms. Wang rental housing surrounding environment is more chaotic, there is no property management and security, theft prone, and there is no monitoring probe around, more difficult to detect evidence. Through the field investigation, visited the surrounding people, the police found that the surrounding residents did not steal the case, only one person was stolen Ms. Wang, and stolen only some women’s clothing. At the suggestion of the police, Ms. Wang monitoring probes installed at home, determined to catch out the thief steal clothes. After a period of monitoring, Ms. Wang locked up a haunted house, the man once again alarm suspicious appearance and movements. In the course of the investigation, the daring thief steal clothes once again came to the home of Ms. Wang was stealing clothes, Ms. Wang and his family was caught. According to the man Sohn confessed that the first time he stole to Ms. Wang’s clothes, found a fascinated him the taste of clothes, it is this smell made him again and again three thieves hand Wang’s clothes. After identification, the man suffered from a "fetish", is a kind of psychological disease, as limited liability ability. At the beginning of November this year, the man was sentenced to probation.相关的主题文章: