Chaoyang District xingfuercun No. 27 Building No. 8 hospital near more than and 260 square me

Chaoyang District xingfuercun No. 27 Building No. 8 hospital near   more than and 260 square meters of housing rent — real estate — perennial row original title: more than and 260 square meters of row houses rent a row of bungalows are perennial perennial rent. Photo by Li Chuqing / construction waste accounted for parking. Cottage cooking fire hidden dangers. "For many years, do not know who is the owner of these bungalows, but long-term rent, daily nuisance. We want to make a statement, these groups should not rent the demolition." Recently, who lives in Chaoyang District xingfuercun Hospital No. 27 Building No. 8, Ms. Chen to the newspaper, No. 8 in front of the building on the ground, there is a more than and 200 square meters of houses rented by the crowd, perennial migrant workers living there, fire safety hazards, and occupied residential parking spaces. Ms. Chen, many residents find the planning department and the office of the streets of the city for cottage legal construction procedures, but so far no reply. More than and 260 square meters cottage has been the existence of hidden groups to rent the fire department in August 23rd to investigate, reporters came to the hospital on the 27 xingfuercun northwest corner, saw a row of shabby white cottage. The exterior of the house is surrounded by a wall, a closed area, only 7 or 8 meters away from the nearest building, No. 8. There is a building outside the door of the building waste, accounting for residential parking spaces. According to residents reflect, this row of bungalows covering 266 square meters, mainly by the composition of the two parts, the relative of the outside of the cottage and a little bit by the dozen dozen rooms in the partition of the two. It is understood that more than a dozen rooms inside the toilet, wash basin, including residential beds, has been rent out. 20 meters east of the cottage, there is a kindergarten. Reporter observed in the surrounding houses, found some tile roof tiles have broken off, rugged, fall down at any time, really dangerous. The wall looks mottled, disrepair, iron door is made of two stone blocks. One of the residents reflect a small cottage only through the area towards the import and open, to advance in and out of the cottage tenants group from the area, many of them are near Bath City staff, there is also a restaurant chef. These people work late, go on the road in the area also shout and wrangle, very noisy, the first floor living elderly people can’t sleep sleep." The residents are most worried about is still in the house, in front of the house, cottage residents fire cooking stove, without any preventive measures, fire safety hazards exist. To this end, frequent quarrels between residents and tenants. It is understood that this row of houses up to the time when the hundreds of people live, dirty and messy. District residents repeatedly to urban management, community, neighborhood offices and other departments to reflect, but not fundamentally solve the problem. Residents at the scene, Mr. Lu told reporters, on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, in the rectification of the housing rental, rent action in the city of Beijing, the Chaoyang District fire department to this cottage rent check, found that there are many hidden dangers of fire safety, shall be ordered to immediately stop homeowners rent behavior. But some residents found that in July 1st this year, the rows of bungalows was blue metal enclosure surrounded, and posted a notice of planned renovation, said to brick houses changed to flat, and that the local police Association will arrange accommodation. Can be large相关的主题文章: