Chen Jianbin said he did not intend to do business I do not think this mind-ratatouille

Said Chen Jianbin did not intend to do business: I don’t think this mind – Beijing as the representative of the domestic "Uncle" actor, 5 years ago, Chen Jianbin in the "Zhen Huan biography"? In a "cold, bitter, with emperor Yong Zheng image but also suspicious lonely" engraved in the hearts of the audience, and more recently then, in his costume and Spy Drama he rarely touch the realistic works. Next Thursday, Chen Jianbin starred in the reality of the subject topic drama Chinese style will be landing Beijing satellite TV, yesterday, the reporter with the help of Beijing satellite TV interview to Chen Jianbin. Do drama resonate with reporters on the midlife crisis: you the real theme plays has been more cautious, why choose "China relationship"? Chen Jianbin: my character’s name is Ma Guoliang, the dean of a design institute. I take this role, because the character has aroused my resonance – after his middle age, faced with the cause, family, life, all aspects of the sense of crisis, can trigger my resonance. But he is not the way to treat the crisis avoidance, "Xipixiaolian face life difficult, so a lot of people in life, including myself are like this. Reporter: in the eyes of outsiders, your career success, and his wife Jiang Qinqin love is also very happy, your "crisis" is what? Chen Jianbin: life is not the best place to meet the eye everywhere may not have said, "my life is perfect, and I and Ma Guoliang resonance is mainly in a kind of life state of" sense of crisis "– as long as you want to live constantly move forward, will allow themselves to keep a sense of crisis. But most people are particularly easy to immerse in warm water, because it is very comfortable, do not take the initiative to seek any change, it is also a crisis. Try to transition but did not intend to "boss" reporter: before you create the Yong Zheng and a series of domineering dignified image of the people, how to grasp the "the role of Ma Guoliang"? Chen Jianbin: this role is really my first contact, but I think it is not difficult to perform – life, I have a lot of people around me, learn from the people around him. Reporter: now many stars will create their own brand, or do you like the producer, last year also self "a spoon", the response is very good, have never thought of being your own boss? Chen Jianbin: did not intend to do business, because I do not think that the mind, there is no energy, can do their own work is not easy. Reporter: then you are now the standard of what is it? Chen Jianbin: or the character to be able to impress me, at least a little to be able to move me, I can play. That’s the way it was before. Reporter: your opponent in the new drama actor is ma?, which people think of you and had worked with Sun Li, Xu Fan, and their cooperation is what different feelings? Chen Jianbin: actually, when I was filming, which cooperate with the actor, who played are not particularly important, actually I am more familiar with the characters in the movie, with the actor himself is not particularly mature (laugh). Reporter Huan相关的主题文章: