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Chen Xinzhe kisses Lee Shamin sub mango flowers once suspected new romance –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Li Shaminzi entertainment news "the first grade · university" is the hit season, feeling overwhelmed with students and youth idol drama narrative topic full of programs. Especially Li Shamin, Chen Xinzhe in the program CP in the full sense of the interaction to get a lot of attention of netizens, even the network of two people actually have together. It broke the news, this period Chen Xinzhe will be staged fancy hook, bold confession, overbearing kiss Li Shamin, bidding to kill CP party be taken by surprise: "it’s progress, what experience them?" Suspected new romance users continued to speculate in early has been broadcast in the program, as same as in talent, with a face between Li Shaminzi and Chen Xinzhe instantly gained a group of CP party, the intimate interaction between two people also let Chen Li scandal emerged. Li Shamin son wrote his original song to give Wang Feng the teacher comments, results in the side of the Chen Xinzhe mobile phone actually has Shamin sub Li Song, two people tacit manner, and in the side of booing students carefully and brain hole wide users and small color bulbs "commented:" I the smell of a couple’s taste!" Li Shamin son after injection the online exposure of behind the scenes, Li Shamin child because my throat problems need to accompany the side injection, Chen Xinzhe staged a series of hand in hand, head, arm kill Pro intimate couple drama, eyeful is distressed and pet to Li son Shamin drowning, near the masses was spread on the ground. "The male vote properly Chen Xinzhe fan", netizens continued to speculate about the relationship between the two, Li Shamin son Chen Xinzhe CP are both on the hot search. Fancy that staged dog abuse CP killed according to the program group said, Chen Xinzhe and Li Shamin in the next phase of the program is to let people fall into a reverie. In the part of the game is divided into a set of sub Shamin Lee and Chen Xinzhe, but I do not know why it has a public kiss, this sudden accident made everyone exclaimed: "this is just what happened?". When the news came out, the comment area lit up: "what did I miss? Is this going to be a public affair?" I did not expect such a large grade scale!" Friends of the son of Chen Xinzhe Lee said that this CP is very optimistic about. In the face of overwhelming public opinion, Chen Xinzhe is not shy, like hanging open open the Liao Li Shamin crazy sub pattern: "it is lucky to meet you, hope I could always see you" "if I left you?"" Netizens said, Chen Xinzhe this attempt to abuse a dog behavior: "love the little prince, not a SEI, but I don’t eat this food!" Not only that, facing the intense screening match, the poor state of Chen Xinzhe seems to have a premonition that he will be eliminated, so he is pulling in the v. Lee Shamin sub parting words, is in bold singing "I love you" dear girl, on the side of the participants all tacitly, suspected to have feeling. That youth no regrets, Li Shamin Chen Xinzhe really will write a romantic story? Faced with the danger of screening Chen Xinzhe will go from here? Small series that look forward to!相关的主题文章: