Cheng Gang old monk all Dharma is Dharma how to understand this sentence

Cheng Gang old monk: "all Dharma is Dharma" how to understand this sentence? How to understand that "all Dharma is Dharma"? (image: data): "Kong Jing Jing," said: all Dharma is Buddhism, what does it mean? Just as the old monk: all laws are all things, the body is empty, the law is true. If it is the Buddha, we are reluctant to adhere to it, then the body is a delusion, it is not Buddhism, but the law of all sentient beings; sentient beings, we do not want to cling to it, there is no heart to live, then all Dharma is dharma. We are free from all things. This is the meaning. All Dharma is Dharma, and Dharma is the same. Master Sengzhao had such a sentence: " inadvertent on the volt, and all V ". It is because we are climbing, delusion, persistent this everything, so that everything was anchored by the force, the obstacle; if we are in this all things are not set up false heart, then we will in all things free. All Dharma is dharma. No in V, we want to subdue them. This is not based on the false heart for something, this is called a " in ", a V; if we are in this thing not climbing, delusions, persistent, do not establish false heart, then this thing was our completely subdue. The heart is not to yield, in the above the heart, but was it better. This sentence Sengzhao said the master is Prajna matches. Prajna wisdom. No matter what the object is, nothing is left. Thing is everything. Because we are climbing this thing, this thing to say a persistent delusion, for himself, the heart is so exit hold, feel good, bad feeling. We go climbing, persistent delusions, such things, the things in turn forced us, we tied our obstacles. A popular example, say such things, we forget it within three years, did not think of it, in this kind of things inadvertently, so in three years time, we will not suffer persecution, attachment and obstacles it, in this free things. You say, our deceased relatives, ten years without climbing, not to think of it, then we won’t be sad, sad, painful, but think about it, a climbing, a delusional obsession, how I loved one, immediately made a false business sentiment, grief and pain, and even tears, this is not is this thing better and obstacles? This is his relatives, too, think of our enemies, enemies, more hatred, worry, to criticize, to play, to kill, harm each other. This is called hatred will suffer. Because we are climbing this thing, so what is not clean. Because the heart every day climbing such things, climbing those things, things that kind of things, this persistent delusion, so the trial that disrupt the mind, no peace, is troubled. We make down, heart is pure natural Amitabha. Or put down and bent, meditation, what is not the climb, heavy heart break down, fine heart break down, and finally no, no world. Even the body and mind can not be obtained, because the heart is to destroy the law. We thought together, climbing this one.相关的主题文章: