Chengdu, a car fire to scare off the fire brigade fire 20 minutes (Figure) (video) agogoktv

Chengdu a car driver away fire fire 20 minutes to extinguish the fire (Figure) Sichuan Chengdu news network November 9th news (reporter Liang Peng Xu Jian) today (9) afternoon 6:48, Chengdu Tianfu tea freight Avenue intersection, a running car engine suddenly burning, after seeing the driver confound, due to the fire don’t be controlled in time, causing the body burning all, the situation is very critical. Finally, after an emergency disposal of Chengdu Tianfu fire nearly 20 minutes, the fire was successfully extinguished. After receiving a public warning, Tianfu firefighters rushed to the scene. It was learned that the firemen found a car on fire. At this point, the car’s fire is in a violent burning phase, no one trapped inside the car. Immediately, a part of the firefighters on the scene to implement the alert, advised the crowd to prevent the vehicle from entering, to prevent the occurrence of two accidents. Another part of firefighters using water cannon on the car to put the full range of sufficient cooling of the fuel tank of a vehicle at the same time, to prevent the occurrence of explosion. After nearly 20 minutes of firefighters emergency disposal, the fire was successfully extinguished. (photo provided by the fire) editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading car crashed into the fire brigade with the isolation of the reaction was quietly gone相关的主题文章: