Chengdu football stadium in the loss of a lot of amateur team blowout wells

Many of the Chengdu football stadium in the loss of the amateur team blowout wells appear in some of the stadium operations are particularly good, but there are a lot of football has not been playing football fire? Hengda football qualifying A new force suddenly rises., into the top 12, as if to let fans see the football China rise of hope, but the 12 qualifying match in the evening of 6, with 0 to 1 loss to the Syria team, three games only 1 points, qualifying the situation in jeopardy, people worried. At the same time in professional football, football is also more and more popular. For example, according to the Chengdu Municipal Association of record data, in the last year, Chengdu city held a total of 12458 games! From the data point of view, whether it is the number of people involved in football, the number of football fields, as well as the news on the topic of football, there are times of growth. After a year of football reform, Chengdu football practitioners in the end is how to survive? Tianfuzaobao reporter conducted a survey. Operating conditions: many have been at a loss in 2015, the Chengdu Municipal Sports Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Finance Bureau issued a "Chengdu city demonstrative football field construction acceptance and reward subsidies (Provisional)" notice. The demonstration of the football field by government investment or business, personal financing construction mode, after the completion of acceptance, to give financial subsidies, according to established standards, the construction of a 5 per person Venue Subsidy of 75 thousand yuan, 7 people made the subsidy of 200 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan subsidy standard field. Because of the government’s strong support, the number of Chengdu stadium over the past year doubled in the growth, it is very different in the past." The Li Boqing as a symbol of Chengdu, the most famous folk Football Club Royal Belize Football Club General Manager Xu Yang said that although the stadium increased dramatically, but football management problems also exist, "a lot of the stadium has been at a loss, a little exaggeration to say that this is not what medium profitable football venues, because many people support policies blindly build a golf course, you know the government subsidy is required on the quality, such as lighting, lawn, many investors are unable to get subsidies." Xu Yang believes that the construction of a large number of Futsal, but also led to a serious imbalance in the type of football field in Chengdu. In terms of the situation of the ball, there is a serious polarization, there is indeed a very good operation of the stadium, but there are a lot of football has been no one playing football. At present, Chengdu’s most popular Amateur Football League, Super League organizers Yu Ren Tuo Yang Muye said, "I know in Chengdu stadium scheduled, usually on Tuesday, three or four on Monday, five is quite good, very poor." But in fact, fundamentally speaking, it is only the choice of the market itself, football field, the public will naturally have their own choice, transportation, the quality of the stadium and so on are their point of consideration. The number of courses, is expected to reach 5 years from saturation in the Football Association published data, as of the end of last year, Chengdu city a total of more than 200 pieces of the new stadium, in this year, the number of golf and turf still gradually increase, is expected from 2015 to 2017 five, seven people made the stadium will add 30 micro相关的主题文章: