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Chengdu fried chicken shop named "vulgar people feel shy reporting (Figure) – Beijing through communication with the owner, the inspectors yesterday evening the dismantling of the relevant provisions of the" Chengdu shop signs related to outdoor advertising and signs set management regulations "provisions, it is prohibited to set signs, signs, should be set to the District (city) County urban management departments to submit a written application, and submit a photocopy of the business license or the relevant authority for approval certificate, sign language, production specifications, style, material and location documentation etc.. The relevant provisions of the "measures for implementation" Chengdu city signs set management regulations: sign principle limit to the Department of industry and commerce or the competent department of registration, approval of the unit (business) name, brand name, trade name, logo or approved by the standard abbreviation. The use of signs, trademarks, designs should be accurate specification. "It’s really embarrassing me!" Ms Chan said the first two days of experience, outspoken hard to say. Since last Sunday saw a sign shop called "called a chicken", the four words of her 8 year old son, the two day off. Angry, she told the city management, industry and commerce departments telephone complaints about the matter. Yesterday, the Jinjiang District public security academy street urban management comprehensive law enforcement team in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the demolition of the store, and advise the operators of indecent name change dishes. In recent years, the streets from time to time to see the "show lower limit" signs and outdoor advertising, urban management and business department official told reporters that if the advertising content in violation of public order and good customs, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, they will investigate the regulation. The name "not too embarrassed parents sign the bottom line" Ms. Chen told Chengdu Daily reporter about his embarrassing experience. On Sunday, November 13th, she and a few friends took the children to the surrounding IFS shopping, playing. Along the two Hongxing Road went to Wu Cheng street intersection, her friend saw a Juewei duck neck shop, will greet you in the past to buy food. But who knows, embarrassed so close. "The next Juewei duck neck, looks like a new fried chicken shop, signs and outside walls are bright yellow, very eye-catching, but people do not accept, this shop named" called a chicken ", the slogan is" attached to a special chicken shop. "." Ms. Chen said, only these, she felt "too vulgar" and "no bottom line", and she looked toward the store, "hanging on the wall of the slogan, the name of the food more ‘dirty’, I feel shy with your report." Ms. Chen said. More let Ms. Chen feel embarrassed, her 8 year old son unknown, asked her "call a chicken" is what mean. This question, let the surrounding friends and hear the adults laugh. Ms Chan said that she had wanted to cover up the past, but the people of this smile, so that the child thought it was an interesting thing, chasing the question "what is called ‘a chicken’?" She chose cold treatment, told the child is a shop selling fried chicken. "My son the two day talking about the words" or occasionally called a chicken ", let me very angry." Ms. Chen questioned, such as Red Star Road in the city center, a shop with such a bad hint, dirty name, no one tube? Ben Zhou Yun相关的主题文章: