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China CASIC plan flight in 2030 "space plane" – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, September 13 (reporter Zhang Su) Chinese Aerospace Science and industry group "Tengyun project" — to finish the "space plane" technology of flight test in 2030. A deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Liu Shiquan day in Wuhan before the second commercial aerospace forum for the first time disclosed the plan. He said, "space shuttle" also known as the space shuttle vehicle, can perform tasks in space launch, and repeated use of a new generation of transportation vehicle. It is envisaged that the space plane can take off from the airport ground level, accelerate the climb in the atmosphere; the one or two stage separation reach a height of 30 to 40 kilometers, a level two level landing return; continue to climb into low earth orbit, to complete the transportation task after atmospheric reentry return, with cheap, safe, convenient, flexible and other advantages. Assistant Minister Dai Jiangyong Chinese CASIC hospitals technology development said in an interview, "cloud project" covers a number of key technologies, including the structure and thermal protection, aerodynamic design, combination of power system etc.. The combined power system will realize: the aircraft takes off, the use of low speed performance of aviation turbine engine is the highest; reaching a certain speed, to adapt to the atmosphere in the ramjet engine speed flight; arrive near space, then the rocket into space. Dai Jiangyong said, plans to complete the key technologies in 2025, completed in 2030 two stage to orbit spacecraft flight test technology. In order to achieve low cost space from Tengyun project Shangqie long-term goal, the rest of the four cloud China Aerospace Science and industry group has proposed the application conditions. Such as "Feiyunjiang project" will take long time high altitude UAV platform, by following the "gaze" way of communication relay. Dai Jiangyong said that the UAV can carry 50 kg load, in the air above the altitude of more than 20 kilometers for 5 days, a useful complement to traditional satellites. They plan to build high-altitude unmanned aerial system and LAN in 2017 when the first generation of long endurance flight. In addition, the 48 low orbit satellite access and 9 low orbit satellite relay network "cloud project", the demand for networking, big data industry development in the future, plans to complete the whole system construction in 2020, put into normal operation. Vice President China CASIC four Zhang Di for example, the terminal system can be integrated into the chip, embedded intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone and satellite direct communication, "user" even go to the remotest corners of the globe "can also send SMS or voice". "Hongyun Engineering" will launch 156 satellites, satellite data throughput of 4 G, the basic realization of the global coverage of broadband Internet access. According to the plan, 2017 will launch its first satellite technology verification before 2019; launched the 4 service test star, build 2 gateway station before 2021; build a system engineering. It is worth mentioning that there are "cloud project", will be the aerostat fast launch platform for the construction of near space network, plan formed in 2018)相关的主题文章: