China female students in Germany have been raped in Germany Embassy to remind compatriots pay attent-baxia

China female students in Germany have been raped in Germany Embassy to remind compatriots pay attention to the new agency in Berlin – new network security in November 18 Xinhua (reporter Peng Dawei) China Embassy in Germany 18 days before the date of notification in Germany occurred China female students who suffered sexual abuse cases. Zhou Anping, director of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, told reporters on the same day to China News Agency reporter, I hope fellow travelers, students must pay attention to their own safety, to prevent similar tragedies repeat. According to the Chinese Embassy in Germany on the same day briefing, the evening of November 16th, the Consulate General in Dusseldorf Chinese after Chinese female students said the report, in the evening return to the hostel on the way encountered sexual assault. Consulate General immediately contacted the local police, requiring the police to solve the case, promptly informed the progress of the case to the Chinese side, and take effective measures to protect the safety of Chinese citizens. German police responded that the case is under investigation. Chinese Embassy in Germany, said the consulate will continue to pay close attention to and track the progress of the case. Prior to this, called "this is the German" local information micro-blog released an alleged sexual assault victims own readme. Which she is a university undergraduate students, yesterday (16 days) around 4:45 in the afternoon, on the way home, away from the dormitory less than 200 meters, 5 minutes from the sidewalk was into the bushes, was raped and robbed. After the first time I went to the police, reported the embassy, do the relevant forensic identification. These days are still busy (with) a statement and related procedures." The victim wrote. (end)相关的主题文章: