China information technology will hold a 2017 summit in Beijing

Vint  Cerf  at the summit published a "Internet of things" (Internet  of  Things) as the theme of the speech

China Information Technology Conference will be held in 2017, held in Beijing, the theme is: to the Internet of things + to meet the Internet of things, the development of digital economy. The summit brings together government leaders at home and abroad, the Internet’s top experts, the famous economist, things in the field of cutting-edge entrepreneurs, investors and other well-known hundreds of guests, we discuss and realize the path of networking and digital economic development prospects, the summit also released the "2016 Chinese information economic development report". A China information 100 2016 annual report.

China 100 information consultant, deputy director of the national information technology expert advisory committee Zhou Hongren said in his speech that the current wave of "digital transformation", is a new stage of development of information revolution and information technology. Promote the transformation of the industry and the whole society, is the main line of global information development from 2015 to 2030. Digital transformation depend mainly on technology is based on the "Internet", "Internet of things" and "all things"; to promote the network development, is the current information and network technology, automation technology, system engineering, management science and technology is the main development direction. At the same time, "Internet plus", "Internet +" and "network +" will lead to economic and social development, a new round of revolution.

is known as the "father of the Internet" Google Global Vice President Joseph winter? (Vint Cerf) published in the "Internet of things at this summit" (Internet of Things) as the theme of the keynote speech. As one of the co designer of the TCP/IP protocol and the architecture of the Internet is one of the 1970s Joseph winter? Scientists created the internet. Joseph believes that winter? Things there are enormous opportunities for development, Chinese is networking tips and leader in the field, but also in the reliability and ease of use, security, privacy, autonomy, interoperability and so has a need to pay attention to the issue and consider. He stressed that although the TCP/IP protocol is still the core of the Internet, but the future can be added to the new agreement, such as real-time program, such as OIP and UDP transmission protocol, which makes the Internet more perfect, more efficient.

for the future logistics network will be used to participate in the forum, business representatives also expressed their views, the China Telecom general manager of company of group of enterprise customer department Liang Baojun believes that the future development direction of intelligent 3C+D, on behalf of the four directions, namely: cognitive computing, elastic connection, natural interaction, intelligent data. In the face of the wave of the era of intelligence, China Telecom has developed a strategy for the transformation of the 3 strategy, is committed to doing integrated intelligent information service operators. Among them, the Internet of things is one of the five China Telecom ecosystem, the future will become china;