China will build 12 aviation emergency surveying and mapping security areas — environmental protect-mkdv-02

China will build 12 aviation emergency mapping support area — Environmental Protection — the newspaper Beijing on 11 September,     (reporter Liu Shiyao) reporter from the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information to understand: "13th Five-Year" period, China will be basically completed 4 hours to arrive in 80% of the land and sea, covering the emergency point surveying and mapping system. According to Feng Xianguang, the director of the National Basic Geographic Information Center, in order to strengthen the national aviation emergency surveying and mapping capabilities, 12 national aviation emergency surveying and mapping support areas will be built, and the high performance UAV surveying and mapping emergency system should be focused on. The concept of 4 hours refers to the time that high performance UAVs will fly from the support base to the disaster site for no more than 4 hours. In addition to strengthen emergency comprehensive surveying and mapping security, National Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information in the "13th Five-Year plan" period, to promote the new basic surveying and mapping construction, the construction of modern surveying and mapping system to speed up the development of land and sea, complete satellite navigation and positioning base station of upgrading Beidou satellite navigation and positioning, and built the country more than 2500 sites scale base station network. In the strengthening of aerospace remote sensing image acquisition and management, plan for the future implementation of better than 2.5 meter resolution satellite images every year a comprehensive coverage of land, China’s access to 5 million square kilometers to 1 m resolution image. At the same time, it is also planned to increase the intensity of aerial image acquisition that is better than 0.2 meters in urban areas. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 12 August 16 Edition) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi) 我國將建12個航空應急測繪保障區–環保–人民網   本報北京9月11日電  (記者劉詩瑤)記者從國傢測繪地理信息侷了解到:“十三五”期間,我國將基本建成4小時抵達80%陸地國土和重點海域、覆蓋全國的應急測繪體係。   据國傢基礎地理信息中心主任馮先光介紹,為了加強國傢航空應急測繪能力,將建設12個國傢航空應急測繪保障區,重點裝備高性能無人機航空測繪應急係統。4小時的概唸,是指高性能無人機從保障基地飛抵災難現場的時間將不超過4個小時。   除了強化應急測繪綜合保障,國傢測繪地理信息侷計劃在“十三五”期間,推進新型基礎測繪建設,加快陸海一體的現代測繪基准體係建設,完成衛星導航定位基准站的北斗化升級改造,統籌建成2500個以上站點規模的全國衛星導航定位基准站網。   在加強航空航天遙感影像獲取和筦理方面,計劃未來實現優於2.5米分辨率衛星影像每年全面覆蓋陸地國土一次,獲取我國500萬平方千米優於1米分辨率影像。同時,還計劃加大城市地區優於0.2米分辨率的航空影像獲取力度。   《 人民日報 》( 2016年09月12日 16 版) (責編:李楠樺、蔣琪)相关的主题文章: