China’s geological research on Mars, the moon will enter the fast lane-4000dy

The geological research of Mars, moon China will enter the new lane network – 7 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Wang Libin) "13th Five-Year" period, to further promote the study of polar and planetary geology in China Geology will be based on years of research, including fire star, moon, "- Construction field test month: Mars" contrast and other aspects of the study and organization of the moon and Mars geological map. According to the just released "land resources" 13th Five-Year "innovation of science and technology development plan", the next 5 years China will deepen the research data and the earth system of knowledge discovery, promote the study of polar and polar microbiology strengthen planetary geology, geophysical exploration, geological, polar glacier movement and deformation, the polar environment changes, polar energy ecological resources, technology, and ice in ice cores and other polar scientific exploration of Mars and the moon, to carry out field test construction research, "September – Mars" comparative study, promote the moon and Mars material composition, structure identification and solution of remote sensing analysis and synthesis of translation and evolution, to carry out research on lunar gravity and magnetic comprehensive explanation and deep the structure, organization of the moon and Mars geological map. Why does the geology study planetary geology? According to the person in charge of the China Geological Survey, the moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, Mars and earth with the planet. Deep study of the earth system, the study of the moon and mars. Since 2007, the geological survey of China has made important progress in the research of remote sensing geology of the moon, the lunar gravity field, the compilation of the moon, the comparison and selection of the Mars experimental field, and the research of the micro drill. It is reported that in the survey as the basis of geological survey and mineral resources evaluation, scientific research and geo information services of public welfare geological institutions, Chinese geological survey according to the "land resources" 13th Five-Year "innovation of science and technology development plan" unified deployment, continue to implement the geological study of the moon, Mars, conduct extensive international cooperation, to make a positive contribution human deep space exploration.相关的主题文章: