China’s seventh largest desert to start the protection of the dark night to save the stars disappear

The seventh largest desert Chinese night sky start protection save disappear – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Erdos Xinhua: the seventh largest desert China start night sky protection rescue disappeared, author Wu Wu Yao on the evening of 25 to 9 points, Zhang Bodong early to prepare for the star shooting. "The moon rises at 11 this evening, and I hope I can get a good film before the moon rises. I am an old friend of the desert sky." Zhang Bodong is Chinese Star Photography "bull", filmed the well-known domestic sky stars, also shot on the other side of the southern hemisphere to earth’s unique stars. But this time he has been for three consecutive years to Kubuqi Desert, and here the night agreed to practice". `26, the third session of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region library is the Seven Star Lake Desert Sky Festival ended, the second session of the forum is to protect the night with the desert sky about sky enthusiasts gathered to discuss the Inner Mongolia night protection. Figure for the Kubuqi Desert Sky Yu Jun photo "for sinus stars of this concept, we should be more guarded, awe and reflection. The protection of the stars is actually the process of awakening under the stars, and we are only the discoverer, the recorder and the communicator." International Night Protection Association Beijing representative office Xia Zhijun explained the stars in his heart. With the development of society, light pollution has become a worldwide problem, the dark night sky has become a scarce resource in the invasion of light. Earlier, according to publicly available materials, there are about 1/3 of the world’s population can not see the Milky way in the clear sky. At present, there are more and more organizations, volunteers and photography enthusiasts initiative to initiate the protection of the starry sky action. In this scenario, photographers and conservation organizations have many light pollution natural scenery scenic area has also attracted many "nocturnal", some of them are called "the park", "stars" and other names. Such as Hungary Ze Lectra National Park, British star, China Sark Tibet Ali etc.. Is located in the territory of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Chinese Kubuqi Desert is the seventh largest desert Chinese, is the closest to Beijing desert, is favored by China photography "the most beautiful Chinese desert sky". No haze in Kubuqi Desert, seven star lake, no light pollution, only in the land of sand and large oasis India under the starry sky. Three years ago, after the surrender of the desert Star Cultural Festival held here, more and more people are attracted to this, feel the charm of the sky. Figure for the Kubuqi Desert Sky Yu Jun sinus "ecological protection is not only by the trees and grass, and the protection." Yili resources Kubuqi Desert Park Qixing Lake National General Manager Miao Genxi told reporters that the most beautiful starry sky stars not only have the resources, but also protect the ecological resources of the ground. After 28 years of ecological restoration, the Kubuqi Desert has about 13 of the area of green vegetation cover. "Here we have a ‘Kubujisha’ mode, through ecological restoration to obtain economic benefits, after obtaining economic benefits again into the ecological restoration, the formation of a cycle." In order to protect相关的主题文章: