China’s space cold atomic clock time 30 million years of accuracy error-segotep

Cold atom space China clock world: 30 million years precision error 1 second – Beijing, along with the launch of Tiangong two ", a" looks completely different and watch our daily use by the black cylinder — space atomic clock to space began to fulfill their mission. This ultra high precision computer developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics.CAS "time God needle" will achieve about 30 million years a second error, is the first international space atomic clock in orbit and to carry out scientific experiments in space, is currently running the highest accuracy of atomic clock. So, how does it achieve such a high precision? What is it used for? The ultra high precision high cold space atomic clock is the clock on the ground on the basis of atomic fountain clock, scientists will fountain cold atomic clock laser cooling technology and the combination of space microgravity environment, including physical unit, microwave unit, optical unit and the control unit is composed of 4 parts. Compared to the previous operation of the highest accuracy in the space of 3 million years of error of one second of the thermal atomic clock, this cold atomic clock will increase the accuracy of the time of 10 times. Shanghai optics-mechanics China Institute of quantum optics laboratory director Liu Liang said that if there are almost 1 error of 1 days and 10 days is about 1 second quartz watch error, hydrogen atomic clock has a second error for millions of years, then the cold atomic clock can do 30 million years 1 error. The secret space atomic clock reach ultra high precision mainly lies in the "high and cold": on the one hand, due to the space of "Tiangong two" "microgravity" environment; on the other hand, because of its "cold". In a microgravity environment, atoms can do super slow motion in a straight line, fine measurement of this movement can be ground more precise atomic spectra based on the information obtained, thereby obtaining atomic clock signal with higher accuracy, can not be achieved on the ground of energy, which is an important breakthrough in the atomic clock and time the history of the development of reference. In addition, the use of laser cooling technology, the atomic gas is cooled to very low temperature, greatly eliminating the atomic thermal motion on the performance of the atomic clock. "It’s like sitting in your room, you can’t see atoms or molecules, but atoms or molecules are moving. Cold atomic technology is to use the laser method to reduce the atomic temperature from room temperature to near absolute zero. The measurements of these nearly immobile atoms will be more accurate." Liu Liang explained. The practical space atomic clock is widely used on other atoms can carry on the satellite satellite in space time clock signal without interference of transmission and calibration, so as to avoid the influence of atmospheric and ionospheric changing state, the global satellite navigation system based on space atomic clock timing is more accurate and stable operation ability. At the same time, the development of cold atom technology has greatly improved the accuracy of many experiments. For example, in the development of deep space navigation positioning, if it can be placed in a suitable position in the space of high-precision atomic clock, you can achieve large-scale high-precision month相关的主题文章: