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Chinese about 50 million people facing fertility problems and American experts diagnosed side – Beijing Beijing in Beijing on 24 September, (Wang Jing) Third China International Summit Forum and assisted reproductive medicine symposium held in Beijing on the 24. Including the "cloned monkey father", the California Center for reproductive department director Li Meng, more than 200 domestic and foreign well-known clinical experts, embryologist, and assisted reproductive medicine medical workers participating in infertile patients more than fifty million people for the common China pulse square. In recent years, frozen sperm egg, test tube baby and other topics frequently boarded the hot search list, assisted reproductive technology more and more attention. Coupled with the current China launched a comprehensive two child policy, as well as to accept the human assisted reproductive technology to simplify the process of treatment, assisted reproductive applications will be more extensive, international cooperation prospects. At present, China still has a large number of infertility. According to the results of the survey released by the China Population Association in 2012, China has more than 40 million infertility patients, accounting for about 12.5% of the population of childbearing age. The latest data show that the infertility population has exceeded 50 million. In September 24th, the third China International Summit Forum on assisted reproductive medicine was held in Beijing. Figure for the guests photo. Photo by Wang Jing on the day of the forum, from all over the Chinese printing has been affectionately known as "authoritative expert Guanyin" and American experts together, academic frontier and social issues of assisted reproductive medicine the all-round, in-depth exchanges and discussion. For infertile patients diagnosed, brainstorming. For some Chinese have the United States to do IVF and frozen egg phenomenon, the United States Congress Chairman of the Losangeles Center for reproductive and reproductive endocrinology and infertility expert Winkler (NuritWinkler) said that she passed in recent years in China access and exchange found that Chinese assisted reproductive technology has been quite mature, part of the hospital in vitro the baby in the number and success rate of technology has reached the international advanced level. General Assembly on behalf of the unit, Beijing Lin Fuyuan, chairman of the hospital, said the forum is the third session, which in the past three years, China’s assisted reproductive technology continues to mature, the success rate continues to improve. The national policy level also continue to bring good news to patients with infertility, just a few days ago, the State Planning Commission issued a notice, in artificial insemination, IVF, couples that patients no longer test. Technical and policy aspects of good news for tens of millions of infertility patients to bring the gospel. "Cloned monkey father", the California Center for reproductive department director, director of cryobiology laboratory, the famous oocyte cryopreservation expert Meng Li introduced the development of cloning technology to the participants, he believes that the future of cloning for human assisted reproductive medicine great change. In addition, the experts also on why the high probability of IVF twins, surrogate, frozen sperm egg and other hot topics to answer a reporter’s question. Following the second China International Forum on assisted reproductive technology launched a test tube baby remote expert consultation green channel APP, this year)相关的主题文章: