Chinese characters of space art exhibition opened in Beijing Songzhuang Art Center of the earth gamelink

" " Chinese characters of space art exhibition in Beijing; Songzhuang Earth Art Center grand opening scene photo exhibition after thousands of years of transformation, Chinese characters art finally out of the plane, started the space fusion exciting, and become an important part of contemporary art China. Coincides with the international art fair, a month long international 3D art exhibition "Han Xingyi Chinese characters — Chinese characters of space art exhibition", in September 23rd the successful opening in Beijing Songzhuang Art Center of the earth. Works exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition by the China National Art Institute organized the Chinese culture going out promotion center organized the Han Xingyi – Chinese characters of space art exhibition ", through a month’s time, the interpretation of art to the public Chinese characters to sculpture, literature and other device, in the form of the exhibition space and infinite beauty charm. The art exhibition exhibition Chinese characters series exhibition artist Liu Jinglu Chinese National Art Institute in 2016, received high praise from all circles of society. In March this year after the south of the Five Ridges Museum of art in Dongguan successfully held the "Han Xingyi – Chinese characters ink art exhibition", Beijing Songzhuang Art Center moved to the earth (one of the Songzhuang Art Fair held home court) "Han Xingyi Exhibition" space art sculpture, installation, Chinese characters, literature as the basic form of the exhibition. The seminar seminar seminar seminar seminar site also held the "Han Xingyi – Chinese characters ink art exhibition" seminar, seminar hosted by the famous sculptor Zhu Shangxi, Pu Lieping (Chinese characters artist curator of art theorist Liu Yonggang (Chinese characters), text artist professor Gu Zibin (Tsinghua University), Chinese characters and artists of Tianjin Normal University associate professor) Wang Zhong (former deputy director, former vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association Chinese Artists Association Committee theory), Li Guangming (Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum on Liu Junlin (Beijing), Young Entrepreneurs Association of cultural industry promotion Chinese characters), Yang Xi (a letter of brand evaluation of the Institute for Science), Yang Yida (secretary of the forum of Songzhuang Art Art Criticism Zhu Shangxi (home), Beijing Institute of humanities sculpture central beauty Professor Liang Hao (), American contemporary artist), Zhang Jianhua (Contemporary Artist), Li Shanhu (curator of gallery painter Master) and Bai Zheng (curator sculptor), Pan Xinglei (curator of artist Liu Jinglu (Chinese characters), contemporary artists and artists) and other guests attended the seminar, seminar on Chinese characters space the intention of the expression, China traditional space concept and Chinese characters of space art, space art Chinese characters possibility, what is the space Chinese characters of space, space art Chinese characters of contemporary significance five topics discussed. It is reported that the exhibition will continue until October 23rd.相关的主题文章: