Chinese College Graduates Initial Employment Rate for 14 consecutive years over 70%–reshacker

Chinese initial employment rate of college graduates over 14 consecutive years, 70%- Beijing Washington (China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Sun Haihua) "China’s initial employment rate of college graduates for 14 consecutive years of more than 70%." Recently, held in Xi’an Jiao Tong University in 2016, the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship seminar, the national college student information consulting and Employment Guidance Center Director Lei Zhaozi said. "Every year the Ministry of education to graduates’ employment work as a key work in the Department, improve working mechanism, improve the policy system, build a service platform, broaden employment channels, strengthen guidance, promote innovation, deepen the reform of education and other aspects played a set of’combined’." Lei Zhaozi said that through hard work, in the complex and severe employment situation, to ensure that the initial employment rate of college graduates for more than 14 consecutive years of more than 70%. He said that the current and future periods, the employment service of college graduates entering a new stage of development: focus from employment to employment and entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship to promote transformation of employment becomes more obvious; the simple pursuit of the employment rate to achieve full employment and promote the realization of higher quality employment more strongly the traditional concept of employment; and a new generation of college students diversified employment concept of more intense collision; extensive guidance services to the professional, personalized, diversified development needs more urgent. He pointed out that the employment guidance departments and universities should actively adapt to the new features of the "Internet + era" of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship, increasing the employment service of college graduates work attention and support efforts to accelerate the improvement of college graduates’ employment service system, to achieve a higher quality of employment of graduates. The seminar is organized by the Ministry of education of the national higher education student information and career guidance center, Xi’an Jiao Tong University contractors, focus on innovation and interaction, more than 600 representatives around the "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education and guidance service" and "occupation counseling and personalized employment guidance and other topics in-depth discussion and communication.相关的主题文章: