Chinese Mulan army expedition Osaka challenge global women’s amateur sports circle master – Sohu-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Chinese Mulan army expedition Osaka challenge global women’s amateur sports circle master – Sohu   October 30th, 2016YONEX (Yonex) international goodwill women’s badminton tournament in Osaka successfully concluded. In 2000 and from around the world women’s badminton master duel, China Mulan Legion record of the Philippines, in one fell swoop gains A and B two groups of runner up title. Previously, YONEX women’s amateur badminton tournament has been staged in Wuhan, Chengdu, in Harbin, Shanghai, Japan and the Osaka to participate in the women’s badminton players in international goodwill, is the winner of a path through the Shanghai won the championship finals. In the ultimate battle, as they China teams from around the world and women’s badminton amateur master on the exchange, again for the amateur badminton tournament classic dedication.   the YONEX team went to Osaka Chinese team composed of 3 groups of partner composition, namely A group champion Stuart Jinzhang group B champion Pan Shoufang, cen Ying Wang Yuhong and C champion Zhao Kaixin Zhou Min. Surprisingly, the success of the players are the first partner, once again proved that the high strength strength goddesses. Pan Shoufang in the match only four months before the game, through the hard training before the game, the final pick of the people of Wuhan and the ShangHai Railway Station and even the champion of the two. Zhao Kaixin and Zhou Min are from Beijing and Chongqing, two people were back on the opponent, join the competition, not have won the championship. Chengdu Railway Station champion Stuart Jinzhang Cen Ying is a combination of living in different places.   the fierce women’s game of the same P, thousands of international players on the pitch, in no way inferior to professional sports atmosphere. The China Mulan army expedition behind, is YONEX in the field of badminton and a thick and heavy in colours. In 2016, a new departure of the women’s amateur, successively in Wuhan, Chengdu, Harbin and Shanghai flowering, and vigorously promote the development of women’s amateur badminton tournament. Events in the name of "Zhan Ya hammer" meaning "shine elegant, light blow", the intention is to hope that the majority of female friends will be the female charm perfect show, allow yourself to become more beautiful at the same time, also can make the country and the people around the world enjoy positive vitality female style.   as early as 2015, YONEX had to "bawanghua" badminton club, held in Shanghai 2015YONEX bawanghua women’s amateur badminton tournament, had a huge influence in the country, but also by the local and nationwide enthusiasm. In the women’s badminton amateur very rare moment, this game is very meaningful and forward-looking. And this year, in order to allow more fans in various regions of the country involved, YONEX to further expand the scale of events, in addition to the ShangHai Railway Station finals, Wuhan, Chengdu, also increased the Harbin three races, the influence extended to the north, central and west regions, exchanges with the suction female fans around the country to learn. Style. The races, in addition to YONEX professional level of the game platform, but also get the.相关的主题文章: