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China team really easy? South Korea – Sports – false enemy? original title: Chinese team really easy? South Korea Guangzhou daily Seoul August false underestimate the enemy? 30, September 1st, 12 round of Sino Korean war will be staged. Gao Hongbo led the Chinese team on Tuesday afternoon at the Seoul World Cup Stadium outside the field after the first training in korea. From the training atmosphere, the Orangemen was unusually relaxed, players were laughing. Gao Hongbo did not arrange any targeted drills, the final 23 contestants will be a joint meeting to determine the day before the game. National 23 people today to finalize the list of Gao Hongbo want to push the central defender Zheng Zhi? According to regulations, the list of 23 people in South Korea and China to determine the day before the game and submitted to the AFC officials. 25 of the national football training camp selection all arrived in Seoul, two people finally defeated who would be? Gao Hongbo believes that, in fact, 25 people have the ability to play, can only be based on the specific physical condition of the players before the game to determine the list of 23. Tuesday afternoon, the first national foot training, Hao Junmin because of a little cold to stay in the hotel to rest. Before departure from Shenyang, Zhao Mingjian also reported the news of the recurrence of old injuries. In fact, most players in the League accumulated injuries, until the last moment it is difficult to determine who will defeat. But this time the Orangemen off South Korea’s atmosphere is quite relaxed and feel as long as players play their own characteristics, a competitor can be, not so much to win. Therefore, even if the final defeat of the list, they have the psychological preparation. Gao Hongbo took over the China again this year after the team led the team 4 games 3 wins and 1 losses record, two key 40 finals victory. However, Gao Hongbo also know that victory of gold that the two round of 40 problems, China and South Korea War simply cannot be mention in the same breath. The strength of the Korean team out there, and the home court advantage, Gao Hongbo will take a more pragmatic strategy. Most of the players have admitted that in the past 10 years, in addition to the Orangemen in the East Asian Cup tournament and the two South Korean team played no chance with the real South Korean team to play a game of the real thing is not familiar with, especially on their players in europe. Therefore, the South Korean team the strongest team away, there is no doubt to do a good job defense. Indeed, the training from Shenyang since the national football defensive problems has become the focus of media attention. Information from the current point of view, Gao Hongbo is likely to send 3 defenders defensive lineup, even after the veteran Zheng Zhi dragged back to the center position. As for the 3 defender specific candidates how, the requirements of the two defenders, these will be able to clear before the game. A South Korean foot to win at least 3 ball Han coach three times to China military spying South Korea Tuesday in Paju base of China and South Korea before the last second days of training. If the Orangemen for a relatively easy atmosphere, so the South Korean team preparing for nearly "to". In an online game fans South Korea football association organization, Jin Yingquan, Hong Zhenghao, Zhang Xianxiu 3 "super Korean aid" said with a smile, can win in at least 3 foot ball. Of course, South Korean striker who predicted more for fun, they are aware of the current Super League level and international China ability. In fact, Korean players相关的主题文章: