Chinese tourists to Indonesia this year is expected to exceed 1 million 700 thousand passengers vidown

Chinese visitors to Indonesia this year is expected to exceed 1 million 700 thousand passengers in October 24, Beijing (Qian Chunxian) forecast in Beijing Indonesia tourism Secretary wookies Kuswa before the China visiting tourists this year is expected to exceed 1 million 700 thousand people. He said that the relationship between China and Indonesia has a long history, dating back to the maritime Silk Road and the Zheng He era. We hope to enhance our friendship by enhancing mutual visits between the two countries. In 2015, Chinese tourists to Indonesia reached 1 million 120 thousand people, China has become the country’s third largest source of tourists, after Singapore and Malaysia. 2016, we hope that Chinese tourists can break 1 million 700 thousand passengers. Kuswa said, with the growth of Chinese tourists, tour guides Chinese surge in demand, in order to give China visitors to provide better service, we hope and Chinese cooperation, common training a group of qualified tour guides and tourism related personnel Chinese. In addition, we hope that the airline can increase capacity, such as the opening of more direct flights, to meet the needs of the market China. In order to promote the development of the 10 regions of Bali Island, the Indonesian government hopes to attract more foreign investment in highways, water, electricity and other fields. Hope that Chinese investors can also join in, investment and tourism in various fields. It is reported that last year, the Indonesian Ministry of tourism and the China National Tourism Administration decided to jointly promote tourism cooperation between the two countries. Under the cooperation mechanism between China and ASEAN, the tourism cooperation between the two countries is progressing smoothly. Kuswa said: "in 2019, we hope to attract 10 million Chinese tourists to Indonesia, if each Chinese tourists spend $1000, the total consumption of Chinese tourists in Indonesia will reach $10 billion." The tourism industry is the core industry in Indonesia, Indonesia plans to attract 20 million tourists in 2019. At present, the Indonesian tourism industry has launched the upper reaches of the sea, eco-tourism, adventure tour, cultural heritage, food, shopping and other products. It is reported that Indonesia has 17000 islands, including Canada, the world’s second longest coastline, and rich marine life. Indonesia is also a multi-ethnic place, the region’s cultural and arts festivals, cultural performances, etc. can attract tourists from around the world. Kuswa said that for the Indonesian government, tourism can earn foreign exchange, promote GDP growth, and increase employment. Indonesia wants to provide more digital services to visiting Chinese tourists. In recent years, we have seen the two or three line of the city Chinese opened direct flights to Bali Island, the future we want Chinese airlines to fly to more Indonesian city. Chinese tourists now go to Indonesia to enjoy visa free policy. He said: "Indonesia is currently ranked fiftieth in the tourism competitiveness index, our goal is to rank among the top thirty in the next five years. To this end, we will enhance the service standards of the tourism industry, including hotels, Spa, restaurants, travel agencies, etc., to provide more satisfactory service.相关的主题文章: