Coin market November 11th set currency view gamelink

The money market in November 11th set currency view media sources: China coin collection online 2017 panda coins next week fastest gold market information: International Spot gold on Friday (November 11th) the beginning of the Asian market rose slightly, and hit $1265.46 an ounce on high. Thursday (November 10th) to the good for the U.S. job market data, the probability of boosted fed hike in the end, while the market also began to look at Trump’s new deal will affect economic growth, the price of gold fell more than 1%, hitting an intraday low of $1252.35 an ounce. However, the India Tuesday heavy combat corruption and money laundering transactions, leading to a surge in demand of local gold, is expected to provide support for gold. Plus the word cat has not been optimistic about the market, trading were weaker than in the same period issued by the variety, Bank of Qingdao is no exception, since the issue of buying trading has been weak, gold and silver coins today offer fell to 3100-3250 interval, single silver in the vicinity of 450. 2016 money will be a single silver coin dealer quotes near 570, continued to walk. The 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan gold and silver coins today quoted between the network maintained near 7700-7800, a single silver in the vicinity of 930. The long march to commemorate the 80 anniversary of coin bidding in the range of 5850-5900, the single silver in the vicinity of 750-770, buying trading decline. The G20 summit of gold and silver coins recently has been mainly to safeguard stability, price volatility is not a slight adjustment, today’s network currency offers around 5700 yuan, a single silver coin set price is still 1100 yuan in the vicinity of Tang Xianzu, gold and silver coins today still reported near 3550-3700, slightly fine-tuning, single silver in the vicinity of 610-640, a small amount of turnover. 2017 new panda coins to batch market, it is reported that dealers next week fastest delivery. On Thursday, the international price of gold fell 2017, spot gold fell to set the cat price around 16700 yuan, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat were about 8800, 4400 and 2400, 3 grams and 1 grams respectively at 1100 and 480 golden cat. 16 annuity cat prices fluctuate with the price of gold, the market heat significantly weaker than the 17 cats.相关的主题文章: