Coin market October 29th set currency view 9c8950

The money market in October 29th set currency view media sources: China international gold coin collection online plunge, Sun Zhongshan gold and silver gold price fluctuations: International Spot gold Friday out of a surprise to the market, originally thought that this week to get out of the high night out, volatility of the stock market is mainly due to the news of the stimulus, in addition to Trump’s speech to stimulate gold prices, the main reason is the presence in the US presidential election two weeks before the resumption of the FBI Hilary mail to investigate the incident, the dollar has fallen sharply, gold and silver upward becomes like a duck to water on the break, at the 1285 target. 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan gold and silver price fluctuations, net currency in today’s purchase, purchase price of around 6900 single silver in the vicinity of 750-770, but the price repeatedly changes in turnover in general. The long march 80 anniversary commemorative coins price adjustments today, gold and silver coins currency bidding fell to 5900-6000 interval, single silver in the vicinity of 750-770, buying trading in general. The total gold chicken year silver price has been in a state of stability, today fell slightly offer 50 grams of 325-330 yuan, 100 in the vicinity of 650-660, 200 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams of quotation is respectively 1300, 3250 and 6500 near. Chicken quietly take the amount of gold. The G20 summit of gold and silver coins recently has been mainly to safeguard stability, price volatility is not a slight adjustment, today’s network coin dealers offer is still around 6200 yuan, a single silver coin set price is still around 1050 yuan, the shortage of supply. Tang Xianzu gold and silver coins today is still reported near 3600-3750, a slight fine-tuning, a single silver back to the vicinity of 610-640, a small number of transactions. Shenyang 120 anniversary plus the word Panda Gold Coins today offer near 3550-3650, single silver in the vicinity of 520, buying weaker trading. Kangyinge card book transactions continued unpopular. Panda coins prices fluctuate with the market, quietly walk. 16 sets of annuity cats today in the vicinity of 16100, 30 grams of silver cat prices to near 144-145 in a small amount of the transaction, all the way down, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat were about 8420, 4210 and 2300, 3 grams and 1 grams respectively at 915 and 345 golden cat a small, fine tune. 16 years, the price of about 150 grams of gold cat 46300-46800 transaction, the price of 50 grams of gold cat is still around 14300-14400, with a small number of market turnover. 16 years in the vicinity of the silver cat near the 150 grams of silver, silver cat 5200-5300 near the, clinch a deal.相关的主题文章: