Collection inventory of the four most suitable places for winter travel

Collection: inventory of the top four most suitable for winter tourism – tourism local Sohu

Jiuzhaigou – pure heaven

winter in Jiuzhaigou, because of the scarcity of pedestrians, all the scenery seems to you a person to the mountains and trees, snow snow.

blue lake ice in the temperature difference between sunrise and sunset, changing wonderful patterns; freezing waterfalls, small water from gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind of music.

Changbai Mountain – a light ink landscape painting

Changbai Mountain winter beauty has a unique flavor, showing in the northern part of the country on earth is a light ink landscape painting.


isolation from the sky, not only the water inlet, outlet, aged outflow.

Heilongjiang snow Township – winter fairy tale world

Heilongjiang is located in the northern part of china. Is the four seasons of the subarctic climate, so the winter snow more snowfall in winter, no melting, Fangyanwangqu snow, known as snow village.

Xue Xiang hold layers of snow, hundreds of households residential area is a connected " igloo " houses, with a complex shape of snow under the action of wind up to 1 meters thick, its shape like a horse, rabbit, turtle, giant mushroom lying…… If the sky is in different poses and with different expressions, white clouds blossoming snow falling, first put the ice Township from early winter to early spring clear rime trickle graceful, exudes the charm of the snow not every hour and moment.

winter in Harbin

world of ice and snow

Chinese Harbin ice and snow world was founded in 1999, is by the Harbin municipal government to meet the Millennium celebration of new millennium tour activities, with the Harbin ice and snow season advantage, and launched a large ice art works.

shows the northern city of Harbin ice and snow culture and the charm of ice and snow tourism