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Knife [exchange] SMG recommended: Manchester City Football Champions League unbeaten home court pledge group phase fourth round of renewed fighting, the Premier League overlord Manchester City sits at the Etihad stadium ushered in the Spanish giants Barcelona challenge round Guardiola led Manchester revisit, guest Nokamp attack, results from Enrique led Barcelona 4 than 0 killed, this return to how all the soldiers home court, Manchester City will meet the challenge, the two teams will present how exciting showdown, will be a major part of. Manchester City last round of League guest against West Brom with Aguero and gundogan the plum to open two degrees, the final 4 to 0 swept, finally ending the six game to win embarrassing situation, got back to winning track coach Guardiola pressure have finally been released. As everyone knows, Guardiola right pass control play, fame in Barcelona, in Bayern is now in the city, still unremittingly, the team will focus on training a good pass control of the king of the division, so even sold the team meritorious goalkeeper Johat, now reborn, presumably more firmly on the team’s determination. Despite the sluggish performance, but the start of the team is still in stride forward singing militant songs based on the top of the Premier League, but after the Champions League glory and only 4 points, the home court against Barcelona, if not all, the next line situation will be very passive. Barcelona next season in the League performance can only be considered acceptable, although ranked second, but have lost two games, home court promoted ala Weiss fall away again against CELTA, but the last three games all win, the state picked up significantly, in addition, the Champions League performance is very strong, the current three matches in the top of the group the last round of 4, more than 0 City home court tyranny, the guest attack, can once again kill Manchester City, full of suspense. Nearly 5 teams in the Champions League clash, regardless of the host and guest, Barcelona win, occupy an overwhelming advantage. The disc guest Let flat half collocation hemisphere high water opening, with a round of Barcelona home court let a ball ball half disk or a ball, now this handicap is obviously lighter, while high water risk is too large, the market outlook remained in the guest Let flat half high water pattern, with two teams recent state and past performance, tray easy to start, and the water level high, very unfavorable for Barcelona, Manchester City is expected to secure home court losing. More color information and recommendations, please pay attention to the knife sinks App view. Recommended: the home team unbeaten (knife sinks)相关的主题文章: