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Commentary: "slow employment education students" need more tolerance and understanding society should choose "slow employment" of students to give more understanding and tolerance, choose their own personality growth path to create more free space and environment for students. Recently, campus recruitment will usher in the peak period. Data show that there will be an estimated 10 million graduates compete for limited jobs. However, some people do not worry about employment, but the choice of temporary travel, accompany their parents to understand the market, etc., as a slow employment". Slow employment in the country is still relatively fresh, but in foreign countries is far from anything new. The foreign students graduating from University, many choose between ", which is not immediately after graduation employment, but to do what you want to do, for example, to travel abroad, to participate in volunteer activities, so as to increase knowledge, improve social experience, make thinking and choosing better for your next life. This "gap year", help college students to better understand the society, to understand themselves, really understand what they want to do in the future. There are a lot of problems, in the books and the classroom can not find the answer, especially our life choices. Graduated from college, the choice is not just to do a job, to which unit, in fact, is to choose their own life value, attitude to life. "Gap year", can give students time and the right environment to seriously think about these problems. In recent years, the concept of "gap year" has also entered China’s colleges and universities, some students choose to graduate after the slow employment, travel, volunteer activities. Generally speaking, the social acceptance of "slow employment" is not high. The main reason is the social existence more utilitarian view of talent cultivation, emphasizing the "early talent", "fast growing", public opinion and the unit of "slow employment" misunderstanding, think "slow employment" is a waste of time and work, "slow employment" is one of the students have the capacity, can not find a job. At the same time, our country’s education management system and the employment service of college students are not in line with the "slow employment". Choose "interval" and "slow employment" students have great courage. Many parents also want their children to graduate earlier, why should "white" wasted this year? The media also pay special attention to a twelve year old college student at the age of 20, just received a doctor’s degree and so on. In fact, a student’s growth, not only at the speed of its growth, and to see whether the road go at ease, always in the campus student, probably due to lack of awareness and understanding of the society, and do not know their own direction, confused. Before work, spend a period of time to contact the community, to understand the community, to understand and improve themselves, you can better identify the direction of their own life development, not to be confused about the future. Now the university graduates, a considerable part of the university last year, are used to find a job, even if the wall, also not good to reflect on their own, including how to locate, how to improve their own ability, blindly running the talent market. Although many students find a job, but after work, but found that the work is not suitable for themselves, which is not able to know their own good edge.相关的主题文章: