Comprehensive evaluation of college entrance examination enrollment dilute the focus point of conten

Comprehensive evaluation of college entrance examination enrollment: dilute the focus point of contention with a test for life from abandon Tsinghua University, Peking University foreign language unripe qualification, through "a new three-in-one" became the admissions Department of Tsinghua University, was a 18 year old boy in Hangzhou industry obsessed with building professional fan seem to experience a gamble: "just give up walks very disturbed, learned that this year Tsinghua University in Zhejiang for the first time under the" three-in-one "enrollment, and some small pressure. After all, is no longer ‘a test for life’, but also with reference to the usual results by the University of comprehensive consideration." The so-called "Trinity" is based on the college entrance examination scores of candidates, the overall quality of the evaluation results and high school test scores in the synthesis of the proportion of the results of the best candidates. In Tsinghua University this year for the first time in Zhejiang province for the "three-in-one" comprehensive evaluation admission scheme, according to the 6: 3 ratio of 1, the college entrance examination scores, the comprehensive test, high school proficiency test three part was eventually converted to the comprehensive performance of the candidates. The same for the first time in Zhejiang trial Trinity enrollment as well as Peking University. The last year has started to explore the Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, University of Science & Technology China, Academy of Sciences, Chinese University Hong Kong China (Shenzhen), Zhejiang province in 2016 for "three-in-one" comprehensive evaluation of university enrollment has reached 8, the enrollment of more than 1200 people. In the upcoming implementation of the new college entrance examination reform program in Zhejiang, this admission model is regarded as the college entrance examination reform in personnel selection on the right side of the adjustment. The new ruler can measure the real needs of colleges and universities talent? How will the candidates and parents feel? What challenges to colleges and universities? Scores and scores of lines are blurred in a complex industry side, give up "three-in-one" walks, in the entrance there are several students, like him to have: choose a professional right. Tsinghua University Admissions deputy director Xu Ninghan told reporters that the college entrance examination admission just facing the college entrance examination scores, candidates are Toudang to any professional also according to the scores. To a certain extent, or personal interests: admission also often encountered, is the candidate with the "small" situation, is to look at the reported candidates the difference of major courses." With the college entrance examination scores overall difference narrowed, this situation is more obvious. Many key middle schools have a considerable number of students with the highest score of the strength of the final, who can test the highest points even familiar with their teachers are not allowed to say. Such as Tsinghua admissions this year in some key middle school entrance examination in batches, but the highest score and the lowest score is ten points. "The examination has an accident, a few minutes of difference, with what judge who is better?" Xu Ninghan said. No one will be able to test the first place, a difference of a few minutes, can only say who played a little better." Branch industry also believes that the results can not fully represent the ability. Today, although the college entrance examination scores are still in the trinity of the big head, but in some sense still blurred scores and scores. "The scores and scores of the original concern disappeared, universities have more autonomy. This year, we passed the preliminary examination, reexamination to determine the final list of finalists, from top to bottom end"相关的主题文章: