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Music Country Weekly is an American bi-weekly magazine dedicated to country music. The magazine covers country music stars, events, and latest happenings in country music world. The magazine provides regular exclusive interviews of country music recording artists. The magazine is co-sponsoring the TNN Country Weekly Music Awards. This televised awards show allows country music fans to vote for their favourite stars. Country weekly takes its readers into the lives of their favourite country stars at home, on and off the stage and on move. Country Music is one of the oldest genres of western music originated in the Southern U.S. and the Appalachian Mountains. It has given the world Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks, two legends of Country Music. The Irish fiddle, the German derived dulcimer, the Italian mandolin, the Spanish guitar, and the African banjo were the most common musical instruments. Currently drums and electric guitar are new addition in list of musical instruments. These days popularity of country music continues to grow rapidly. According to a rough estimate there are more than 42 million adults listening to country radio stations nationwide every week. Country Weekly magazine is serving information or eagerness hunger regarding country music stars, their musical shows and events, The Country Weekly is leading this vibrant culture of Country music lovers. The magazine is more than just a fan publication every issue of Country Weekly provides its passionate readers with the latest buzz words from Music Row they require along with content that reflects their country lifestyle including fashion and style features, recipes, advice columns and much more. The price tag for such exclusive magazines is a constraint in its further popularity. People want to read magazine by any means rather than buying for themselves due to its cost. Magazine Land provides a cheaper alternative for such enthusiastic readers by providing this magazine at a discounted rate. Rate offered by Magazine Land is too much competitive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: