Crooks posing as veterans plus the company QQ group network chat cheat cashier remittance 280 thousa

Crooks posing as company boss QQ network chat cheat cashier remittance 280 thousand yuan newspaper news (reporter Shang Chi for the intern Cheng Jiayi) a crook posing as Mister join QQ group, latent 20 days to the cashier orders hit 280 thousand yuan, when the cashier believe. Yesterday, the people call the Wuhan Evening News Hotline 82333333 news about the matter, to remind the public to raise vigilance. Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter came to the Gedian Development Zone, China Industrial Park, saw the Wuhan Heng Sheng Xing Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd. is responsible for Mr. Yao, Ms. Cai is the company’s chief financial officer. Mr. Yao said, August 2nd at 1 o’clock, less than 10 minutes, his mobile phone received 6 remittance reminder, total export 280 thousand yuan. Mr. Yao immediately to the teller Wang called to ask, did not expect Wang replied: you asked me to send the money ah." Mr. Yao immediately alarm, police access to information, the money remitted to Huang Renzhong called a private account, crooks quickly turn away 275 thousand yuan. Yao said that after the incident, they went to the police station in Gedian to take notes. Wang explained that in July 12th, a person claiming to be called Yao to join the company’s QQ group, she thought that the other party is Yao, they will be approved to join each other. After 20 days, Yao always did not speak. August 2nd at 1:36 in the afternoon, "Yao" suddenly asked Wang and his friends, Wang. Two minutes later, Yao total on the QQ asked her to check the company’s account of the available funds and how much. Wang dare not neglect, immediately the screenshot passed, the book is only a little more than 30. Yao total said that there are 366 thousand yuan to pay the sum of money, she turned to the first 280 thousand. Wang did not hesitate to go to the designated account 280 thousand, and finally will be sent to each other screenshot screenshot. Yao said that after this, the company for the convenience of the cashier to play money, the transfer password will tell wang. But asked her to send money, you have to be signed by the two CEOs, Wang apparently violated the company’s operating procedures. They refer to the chat records found on the QQ, when the chat page has been shown to remind, the current friends are not in the common environment to log on, such as money to talk to the transaction, please call or video verification." Wang, 24 years old, Huangpi District people. Currently, the police have been involved in investigating the matter.相关的主题文章: