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UnCategorized Spotted: Kelly Rutherford and her son Hermes sitting on a bench in New York City munching down a huge vanilla white frosted chocolate cupcake. Kelly plays stylish Lily van der Woodsen – Serena’s mom on Gossip Girl. Happily smiling without any make-up, Kelly held her young son close as they both watched Dad take a huge bite off of the cupcake. The moist fluffy chocolate cupcake topped with a dollop of frosting on top and one swirly blue candle – that was the family-only pre-birthday celebration for young Hermes. A picture perfect family snapshot: lounging in a cupcake shop along the bustling city streets of New York. Although that picture was taken a couple of years ago, when Kelly and her hubby Daniel Giersch were still together, Kelly and her son Hermes’ passion for cupcakes haven’t faded. Kelly’s love for cupcakes goes on. Kelly Rutherford confessed having cupcake cravings when she was pregnant with her second baby. We all know that pregnancy means can mean mood swings and weird cravings. So who can blame Kelly for yearning to eat a few cupcakes? And who needs to be pregnant to have an irresistible urge to eat a cupcake. Preggers or not, cupcakes are a "quick treat". One stop at the bakery shop a single peek and every bite can be gone before you get to the office. No need for messy stuff like plates and forks and bulky packaging. You can eat your cupcake with your hands without leaving a single clue before you walk in the door. When facing a stressful situation, you definitely deserve a break – a little personal "You" time. Just remember if you decide to splurge on a cupcake, have the very best cupcake around. And embrace it. Don’t feel even a twinge of guilt. It is far more satisfying to splurge on a melt-in-your mouth treat and far easier to stop at one when you feel .pletely satiated. Each bite into the delectable core helps you forget your worries and dwell in that one blissful moment. Sounds like a great way to pamper yourself right? No worries! With the cupcake craze raging right in your own hometown why not find out where the best cupcake in your town is, or turn all your tension into good exciting energy by baking up a fresh batch of cupcakes yourself. About the Author: CupcakeAffair.. 相关的主题文章: