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"Dad" 4 small liangzai soft adorable pet   group; small milk of all – Hunan channel sound adorable – "Dad 4" small liangzai soft adorable pet small group of people "milk sounds adorable Daddy where the 4" on Friday 20:00 landing mango TV starter, 6 adorable baby daddy a it caused by the appearance of social media during the National Day holiday hot. This week Mengwa dads are going to Xinjiang Kanas white Baja village, the second time to participate in the "Tian Liang" Dad "old driver" will personally teach with baby "routine", Tian Liang son liangzai will be upgraded in this week Ruanmeng, sound of all adorable little milk. In the last week of the film, the image capture Tian Liang son liangzai with soft white sweet many sister aunt heart powder. Big eyes to father Tian Liang and mother Ye Yiqian completely, even Tian Liang acknowledged the whole family long together, friends and even a small bright contrast, young eyes bigger than her sister Sen dish! For this family of high color value is the capital of clothes. Small bright young sound a little milk on the line, users found it was sound like her sister Sen dish, Tian Liang also claimed that in the home can not tell the siblings who called dad. In addition to the high value of Yan appearance and adorable little milk, "face blindness" seems to have become the adorable God necessary circle powder weapon, a season where Dad, Liu Ye, son of a promise is because face blind, "Jun brother" and "brother." silly points not clear, so users can refer to adorable to burst. It is reported that on Friday in the "where" Dad, small liangzai because not clear Sha Yi’s son and the son of Cai Guoqing Anji Qingqing, small milk tone with dad practicing Anji brother "," elder brother Qing Qing ", along with father Tian Liang to say" I can’t remember "" can’t remember "adorable, filling state. In the "1" for father Tian Liang, "father in 4" is clearly more relaxed, he said, with the easy son than her daughter, with a small liangzai to Dad’s record, is hoping to find a small son liangzai different, father shows between the lines. In the Friday update feature, Tian Liang will play a "old driver" advantage, survival, with baby skills routine full, will not only take care of life can help children command arranged in good order, work in front of the season to join the new "Internship dad" who can easily reverse off the main. Tian Liang with her daughter Tian Yucheng in 1 when my father, created a "Sen dish", "wind Lu Zi" network hot words, small milk has invincible small bright tone will say how adorable young star language? Look forward to the bright young soft MOE performance? This Friday 20:00 lock mango TV, the whole network independent broadcast. (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)相关的主题文章: