Dalian light source, can shoot the atomic video


day before the free electron laser EUV, jointly developed by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Shanghai Academy of Sciences Chinese Applied Physics Research — "Dalian source", issued an extreme ultraviolet free electron laser pulse the strongest in the world, a single picosecond (1 picosecond laser pulse is equal to 1/1000000000000 seconds) produced 140 trillion photons, the the total length of 100 meters of the device become extreme ultraviolet free electron laser source of the world’s most bright and fully adjustable wavelength.

Free electron laser (

) is a new generation of advanced light sources in the world, and it is also an important direction for the developed countries in the world.

"Dalian source" is China’s first large-scale free electron laser science user device is one of the world’s only run in the free electron laser EUV extreme ultraviolet light, but also the world’s most bright. It is also the "Hefei light source" and "Shanghai light source", our country in the field of another important exploration. What is the ultra violet light, this set of advanced science and technology is the basic principle of what will be used?

Guang Yuanliang, the pulse is short, the micro world see more clearly

humans have known that many physical and chemical processes are essentially atomic and molecular processes. It is necessary to study the mechanism of the reactions of atoms and molecules involved in the process of controlling or using them.

since nineteenth Century, electricity and electromagnetic waves have become the most important media and means of human understanding and perception of the material world, such as the microphone into the sound signal into electrical signals, and then processing and transmission. The most direct way to study the reaction mechanism of atoms and molecules is to turn them into electrical signals that are easy to identify and process. The process is to "play" (ionization) of the atoms or molecules, can get the structure and dynamic information of atomic molecules and materials, and then explore the mysteries of the physical world at the micro level.

modern physics has demonstrated that light has wave particle like electromagnetic wave is two, at the same time, particle. The photon itself has energy, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the photon energy. When the wavelength of light is about 100 nm, the energy of a photon is enough to ionize an atom or molecule without breaking them. But because of the scientific experiment, quantity detection of atoms or molecules may be very small, time is very short, very ordinary UV light can not meet the demand, so the extreme ultraviolet light must have high brightness, namely extreme ultraviolet laser. "The light is bright, the microscopic world can be seen more clearly, and the pulse is short, and we can see the process of molecules and atoms in the physical and chemical changes." , deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said academician Yang Xueming.

the brightest "flash", the most;