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Dalian retirees pension adjustment and replacement in place before the end of month, reporters from Dalian city and Social Council was informed that the city this year, the basic pension for enterprise retirees to achieve twelve rising, and for the first time and institutions retirees pension synchronous adjustment. The adjustment principle of the adjustment, continue to adhere to the combination of equity and efficiency principle, take the quota adjustment, hook adjustment, proper tilt in the way of combining features of both enterprises and institutions retirees, reasonable adjustment measures and specific standards. Quota adjustment fairness; linked factors linked to adjustment and the retirees pay period, the basic pension level, further reflect the incentive mechanism of pay more too long to pay more; be inclined to take care of elderly retirees and other groups. Adjust the time in 2016 the city retirees basic pension adjustment work in September all in place, and the replacement of 1-8 month should increase the pension, basic pension increase will be issued in place before the end of September this year. If there is an objection to the amount of pension adjustments, corporate retirees can be paid to the region’s social security center pension payment department inquiries, institutions and institutions retirees to the unit where inquiries. The staff before December 31, 2015 have been required for retirement (post) the procedures of the enterprises and institutions of retirement (post) (including personnel have been included in the basic pension insurance of the 57 families of workers, excluding labor insurance with 1983 No. 3 document within the specified range before the founding of the army retired workers). To adjust the basic pension from January 1, 2016 onwards. Adjustment methods and standards to adjust the quota 1, in line with the provisions of the people’s Republic of China labor insurance [1983]3 document before the founding of the work of retired veteran workers, an increase of $90 per person per month. 2, from January 1, 1949 to September 30th to participate in the work of retirees, an increase of 85 yuan per person per month. 3, from October 1, 1949 to December 31, 1953 to participate in the work of retirees, an increase of 80 yuan per person per month. 4, retired after January 1, 1954 to work before December 31, 2014 (post) staff and 57 families of workers, increase 78 yuan per person per month. 5, from January 1, 2015 to December 31st retired (duty) personnel, an increase of 10 yuan per person per month. Hook adjustment 1, retirement (post) personnel in accordance with the national and provincial provisions of the payment period (including the deemed payment period, excluding special types of conversion period, the same below) every 1 years (less than 1 years in 1 years, the same below), each increase of 1 yuan monthly basic pension. Where the payment period of more than 15 years, each full of 1 years, and then increase the basic pension of $1 per person per month. 2, retired (duty) staff, 57 of the families in accordance with the work I received in December 2015 as a base for the basic pension fund, according to the proportion of the basic pension increased by 0.5%. Tilt adjustment 1, December 31, 2015, 70 years of age (including 70 years of age), less than 80 years of retirement (post) staff, Wu Lin相关的主题文章: