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Drama master Dario died? Fu   has created many "militant drama" – Culture – people.com.cn original title: he created many "militant drama" 1997 Nobel prize winner, Italy playwright and theatre director Dario Fu (Dario Fo)? On October 13th local time in Milan at the age of death. At the age of 90. Dario has always been interested in the China? Fu drama director Meng Jinghui, who has put his two works — "an Anarchist’s accidental death" and "he has two revolvers and black and white eyes", moved on the domestic stage, let the audience know this drama master Chinese. Dario was born in 1926 in northern Italy? Fu Sangjianuoshi, was immersed in the Italy performing arts and popular narrative literary tradition in the atmosphere. His grandfather was a famous folk rap artist, his father also has the experience of performing, the drama factor has long been infiltrated into his nature. In 1970, he wrote a play in Milan, "an Anarchist’s accidental death", in Europe and the United States triggered a strong sensation. So far, he has written more than and 50 plays, including the satirical drama, drama, advertising act farce, black comedy, absurd drama and so on, many styles, but no one is writing love, small household affairs. The creation of a combat drama has become one of his mottos. In 1997, Dario? Fu won the Nobel prize for literature, the word called "because he inherited the spirit of medieval comedian, denounce authority, maintenance of the oppressed dignity". But Dario prize winning, triggered a surprising voice in the literary world. Carlo, a Italy literary critic, quipped: "what does it mean that no one expects him to win? This means that everything is changing, and even literature is changing. I’m too old, I don’t really understand the whole story." But all the controversy did not stop Dario? Fu works in the world within the scope of the widely circulated. Italy media quoted the prime minister Ferenczi said: "the death of Dario, let Italy in drama, culture and people’s livelihood has lost a great man. His satirical works, studies, stage works, and multi-faceted artistic acts are a valuable legacy of a great Italian to the world." (Yin Yin) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: